Group: The Quality of Poetry on Scribeslice

About The Quality of Poetry on Scribeslice

Group Leader

The terms of reference of this group:

1. To improve our knowledge (by sharing) of the nature of good poetry, in particular a knowledge of forms and poetical terms.
2. To use this knowledge to improve the quality of our own poetry.
3. To develop the ability to give good, informed, and unbiased critique of our postings to our group. Writing critiques is good for our writing. We have to select our words so as not to offend but at the same time to pull no honest punches.
4. To learn to discuss, assess and critique ‘famous’ poems with confidence.
5. To allow a certain amount of banter and amusement in our postings. We don’t want to get overcome with our own earnestness.
6. To avoid the development of self-congratulatory cliques – you know like ‘You’ve praised mine now I’ll praise yours’.
7. Ask Santa to get you a very good dictionary and thesaurus and promise to use it EVERY TIME YOU MEET A NEW WORD.

Harry Wells

Harry Wells

These types are allowed in this group:


These categories are allowed in this group:

Adventure, General, Humor, Non Fiction, Philosophical

Date formed: 4th May 2013