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I am restarting two groups. One will be "Writing Prompts". Writing prompts will be simple exercises to give you ideas and to get your creative side flowing. Using single words or ideas to write about.

The other group is will be "Writing Exercises". These will be more challenging exercises that will involve more Than just a single prompt some will be meant to teach about different aspects of the writing craft.

I will post 2 exercises in each group weekly. That will give anyone who wants to participate time to either submit or comment on someone else's submission. I really don't want to post more exercises than that a week because I am hoping that will give each participant plenty of time to think about and perfect their submission. It will also give each person time to make quality comments on each piece. Sometimes I read through someone's work several times before I comment.

Everyone is invited to join the groups.

Deborah Boydston

12th April 2014

I am so happy that you are doing this again. Sometimes these exercises can kick start my creativity again. Thank you fr your efforts. They truly do make a difference!

Cindy Beitinger

13th April 2014

Thanks Deborah.,.. Great...

Davide Castel

14th April 2014

I hope they make a difference. I have a few more ideas to try and get us all going again just trying to take it a little slow so I don't overwhelm myself.

Deborah Boydston

14th April 2014

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