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Some things do not work

I am curious if it these problems are peculiar to my laptop, or if they are universal to the group. The "comments" function within writings does not work, nor does "About" which says when a piece was entered into scribeslice and how many views it has. Also in the list of titles that I recommended or wrote, the "more" , to see the entire list, does not work.
It could be just my elderly laptop on its last legs.

Warren Gates

20th April 2014

It is hard to know what is causing this, but as a suggestion try using or down loading "Opera", which for some reason seems to work better than "Explorer" with Scribeslice. I had a sort of similar problem with "Explorer" it would allow me to comment or see comments only once but if I tried to do another comment, or view another comment it would reject it. My only option was to close the program and start again which was a problem when it came to viewing two or more comments. Both "Opera" and "Safari" are quite compatible.

If this doesn't work feel free to get back to me and I'll give you some more options.

Leslie Blackwell

21st April 2014

Do you have the latest version of Java?

Are you running on internet explorer?

Do you have the latest updates for your drivers?

Are you running the latest version of flash?

Make sure you have an internet browser other than internet explorer. Explorer is an outdated and very buggy browser that will often not show full functionality especially on third party sites like this one. I recommend Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Opera is good, but it isn't supported as well as the other browsers I mentioned.

Make sure you computer is up to date with all of its run-time operations. Updating each of the things I mentioned is as easy as a few Google searches and is completely free.

Be weary of strange sites asking for personal information when getting the updates - if a site requests personal information it is nothing more than a malicious attempt to compromise your privacy!

Good luck and cheers!

Taylor Lanson

21st April 2014

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