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Writing Prompt: Shadow


1. a dark figure or image cast on the ground or some surface by a body intercepting light. Example: He saw his shadow on the sidewalk as he was walking in the sun.

2. Shade or comparative darkness, as in an area. Example: Under the shade of the old oak tree she found relief from the heat of the sun.

3. Shadows, darkness, especially that coming after sunset. The strange shadows seemed to come alive after dark.

4. Shelter; protection: Example: Sanctuary in the shadow of the church.

5. A slight suggestion; trace: Example: Beyond the shadow of a doubt.

Abstract meaning:

1. A foreboding, or dread. Example: Darkness cast a shadow of depression on her countenance.

2. To follow a person discretely or secretly. To shadow someone.

3. To represent vaguely. Example: He was but a shadow of proof to her innocence.

4. An inseparable companion. Example: He shadowed her constantly casting his shadow of companionship on her presence.

Deborah Boydston

18th May 2014

We are but a shadow of ourselves
Buried beneath flesh and bone
we are eternal
We are masters of our universe
We are the sun the moon and the stars
We are the oceans, lakes and trees
I am you and you are me
We are one
We must go within
To rediscover our past
To see our future
The external world as we see it is only illusion
We create what we want to see
We are so much better than this
Search from within and you will find your true potential
Come out of the shadows
See who you are meant to be

Cindy Beitinger

19th May 2014

Quite a motivational piece, Cindy. Like how it encourages people to have enough faith in themselves to, as you put it, "Come out of the shadows, See who you are meant to be.

Leslie Blackwell

24th May 2014


Shadows of a gunslinger
Staggering back and forth
Shadows of his broken compass
He knows not south from north.

Shadows of mirages
Of breezes and the rain
Shadows of his crimes for which
He hangs his head in shame

Shadows of his weary horse
about to lose its life
Shadows of the Reaper
Sharpening his scythe

Shadows of his fleeing soul
As he drops onto the ground
Shadows of the his dying breathe
Then he makes no other sound.

Shadows of his carcasses,
Shimmering in the heat
Shadows of the vultures
Scavenging bones and meat

Leslie Blackwell

24th May 2014

I really like both of these works and different take each of you have on the writing prompt.

Cindy your use of the word shadow to depict us as vaguely representing who we truly are was great. It shows us how superficial we can be sometimes. We really are so much more than just our physical selves and often we hide behind our exterior not digging deep enough to examine who we are inside.

Leslie I like how you represent our past and our regrets as shadows of the gunslingers life. We all cast shadows on life whether for good or bad. This also makes a very good narrative poem and the story flows smoothly. Great analogy.

Deborah Boydston

27th May 2014

Sun in the east
a small boy innocently plays
shadow of a man to be
Sun over head
a man, tall and strong
No shadow, sunlight reveals all
Sun in the west
an old man weary and bent
Shadow of a man long ago

Al Clark

28th May 2014

I love the shadow play and placement of the sun through the ages. Very clever!

Cindy Beitinger

28th May 2014

Thanks...thought Id go in a slightly different direction...got to thinking about it for a minute, when a friend sent a picture of he and I when we were young...a lightbulb clicked, and the words just flowed from there..I rarely do this kind of free verse stuff, but what the heck..it worked!

Al Clark

28th May 2014

I like how each stage of the shadow followed the man's journey through life. Well done Al. I was wondering if it would have been better for the last shadow related back to the boy in a semi never ending circle. Then again it is your poem and how you have written it makes perfect sense. Thanks for posting it.

Leslie Blackwell

29th May 2014

Shadow Dance

Their story cast a shadow
On fine white linen drapes
Played out with brilliant beauty
Upon a fabric landscape

She was seated at a table
He reached out for her hand
She gracefully accepted
Then stood at his command

He took her gently in his arms
In a tender sweet embrace
and they began to dance that night
around the room with grace

They paused for just a moment
As he lifted up her chin
He kissed her softly on the lips
And they began to dance again

This night was the beginning
And soon became much more
Their dance would last a lifetime
As the worlds greatest encore

Their story cast a shadow
On fine white linen drapes
Played out with great devotion
Upon a fabric landscape

Deborah Boydston

30th May 2014

That's really good Deborah, very romantic and full of a promise of a lasting relationship that would echo through the ages. I also like how you added their silhouettes on the drapes to co-inside with the shadow motif of your writing prompt. Very cleverly done.

Could not find any grammatical errors or typos.

Leslie Blackwell

31st May 2014

In the shadows of
A timely scented lily
The sun sets again

Michael Starr

2nd June 2014

Michael your short verse is great. It has a very graceful feel to it. I especially like your the second line. Nice addition to the exercise.

Deborah Boydston

2nd June 2014

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