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Writing Prompt: Harmony

1. Harmony - Compatibility in ones actions. Acting in a compatible fashion. Example: Their movement on the dance floor flowed with harmonious grace.

2. Harmony - Compatibility in feeling or opinion. Example: The feelings were mutual and they knew that life had brought them together to live in harmony.

2. Harmony - Communication and the structure of music, weather vocal or instrumental, to create varied parts within a particular piece that compliment and bring together different tones into one singular voice. Example: Each separate part of the orchestra came together harmoniously to create a beautiful sonata.

3. Harmony - The pleasing state of things as a whole.

A. order - As in society, a group or a family unit. Example: Anarchy is kept at bay by the community's compliance to law and order.
B. peace - As in relationships. Example: As husband and wife they managed to live in harmony despite their differences.
C. Accord or agreement - Example: Living arrangements were agreed upon so that the new roommates could live in harmony.

4. Co-existence of different sights and object that compliment one another. A color sceme in art or the placement of objects that are pleasing to the eyes. Example: The jungle and the ruins intertwine in beautiful and mysterious harmony.

Deborah Boydston

28th May 2014

Having peaceful thoughts
about our circumstances and surroundings
respecting the views of others while still
maintaining our own beliefs
open mindedness
not judging others blindly
yet open to all possibilities

Cindy Beitinger

31st May 2014

A nice take on Harmony Cindy. Sometimes it is hard to find that harmony in such diverse cultures and isms that seem to refuse to get along with one another. I think the only was to be truly at peace with others is to be at peace with your self by living by the ideals that are most self evident to your conscience.
A wise man once said
O God, give us the serenity to accept what cannot be changed.
The courage to change what can be changed
And the wisdom to know the one from the other

Leslie Blackwell

1st June 2014

I came across this old (non rhyming) poem that I wrote sometime ago and have revised it in keeping with the topic of Harmony. It's mainly just a collection of images and thoughts with a hippy commune motif.

-Peach Melba Harmony-
by Leslie Blackwell

Peach Melba dreams of Utopia
Strung with daisy-chains
Bountiful serenity
Where Flower-Children frolic

A bearded guru strums a Sitar
Puffing the magic dragon
Chanting wind chime mantras of inner peace
Incense joyrides the gentle breeze

Peach Melba dreams of Utopia
Strung with daisy-chains
Harmony of Nature's choir
Where Flower-Children frolic

Lull of a graceful river
From deepest oceans blue
Bathing supple birthday suits
Eroding jagged rock to stepping stones

Peach Melba dreams of Utopia
Strung with daisy-chains
River bathing shiatsu
Where Flower-Children frolic

Leslie Blackwell

3rd June 2014

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