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Hi From Paul Day

After reconnecting with another member, I wanted to drop in to say hi and let you all know what's been happening with me.

As some of you may know, I went through a period of deep and lasting depression, due to a number of factors, not the least of which was the bullying and harassment of my former boss.

Well, I am happy to report I have come out the other side of those terrible days and am working again. I resigned as a permanent teacher and decided to become a relief teacher instead. It's much less stress and frees me up on the days I am not called in to do what I love best and that is to write.

When I left here, I had only a couple of books written. Now I have seventeen books published on Amazon and Smashwords and my books are listed on Barnes and Noble and many other outlets. I just finished writing the sequel to The Black Fairy and The Dragonfly, called, Escape From The Dark Queen and have four more books I hope to complete in the coming months leading up to Christmas.

Of course, none of this would have happened if not for the encouragement I received from such sites as scribeslice and I am indebted to some of you who took the time to encourage and even review my books.

If you want to take a look at what I have been up to, here are some links:
My New Website:!books/cnec
My Blog:
My site for Published Indie Authors:
My Author Page:
My YouTube Channel:
My Facebook Page:

I trust you are all still writing and I wish you every success as you continue on your publishing journey.

Paul Day

18th June 2014

Good here from you here on scribeslice Paul. You have been missed. I have seen everything here except your Facebook page which I will gladly do now. Thanks!

Cindy Beitinger

17th June 2014

Hi Paul: That is GREAT news. It is so rewarding to hear of people who have published their work and are doing well. I missed your comments, your enthusiasm, and your talent. I believe you are a GREAT writer and should go far. Congratulations, and keep in touch with us. Since you've been gone, I've published a couple of books, too, including "The Sign Killer" and "Evil and Everglades" and "Train to the Sun". Thanks so much for caring enough about your old Scribeslice friends to post this update for us.

Don Yarber

18th June 2014

Thanks Don and Cindy. I'll check them out Don. BTW if anyone is interested in having a professional cover designed for free, go to my new Google Plus group and find out more. :D (gulp)

Paul Day

19th June 2014

indeed, welcome back, Paul. your talent and guidance has been sorely missed(as everyone else more capable has already stated). on my front I did complete my own novel here but have not had the pleasure of seeing it published. I am serious contemplating rewriting the last concluding chapter.

the shining light of editing we had here, Asma, has left us because of personal matters.

I hope you will find this site as embracing and welcoming as it was before you originally left.

thank you, Paul, for any hope by your returning presence of keeping this site productive.

Leonard a. Wronke

19th June 2014

Thanks Leonard. :D

Paul Day

20th June 2014

Hi Paul...Glad to hear you are back, again. Life has it's problems that others may not understand. Good luck! Looking forward to you putting yourself here again.

Davide Castel

20th June 2014

Welcome back Paul! It's good to have the veterans back in action here. We could use the added encouragement for the site and its members to help make SS even better. Also a congratulations on your growing library of work. Glad to have you back! :)

Aaron Greene

20th June 2014

Greetings Paul Day good to see you back here at Scribe slice. You have obviously been quite active with your writing and it is great to hear that more of your work has been published. Hope you hang around for awhile ad give us more stories to read.

Leslie Blackwell

21st June 2014

Thanks all.

Paul Day

20th June 2014

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