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talking bout "TYPE-LYRIC" seems...

i am very well close to the MUSIC INDUSTRY;an know singer/songwriters whom some of you may like or be fans of...

*so i read lots of writings bout songs "or their classified on here as LYRIC.."
so i read,and have sum trouble knowing if its only a piece of a song their working on or if its a finished writing...

(new news of what im to do)-so i am good a writing lyrics an im in talks to go to a studio of one of my singer friend with his band to talk business an workout the song an sound to start recording...

an i want to desing the video that will go with some songs that i have for them to sing..

***getting back to the topic...i see many writing on classified LYRIC that are more of poems than lyrics..for they dont have a story nor a fixed in the aspect of a like i mention to a writer on here ;

"i would like it if the "song"had more story instead of repetition occured by chorus..which in my opinion down-grades a singer..for not much work went into the song...*just my opinion since im pretty good in the music aspect...for i have connection with actual singers an music industry...

(the latest on me)-i have critize the best an legends of i have being even offered to have my show on tv...on narrowing down whos who on music... i have to say that when a singer makes that 1st SINGLE on an album their work seems to involve less work an just wonder about an not put effort an just work on the sound an catchy CHORUS lines which are ruinning the music indstry ...THEY ARE ALL NOW SINGING CHORUS ON EVERY SONG... its sad but its reality..

Zion Der hai

29th November 2011


Brice James

3rd December 2011

Zion, my lyrics are actually songs, I don't need the world to hear them or know about them, but they are actually songs, many recorded in my home studio and shared with friends, I have a small band , I write songs and have a lot of fun with this, and I put a lot of work into the writing of lyrics, the melody , the guitar playing and the arrangement and teaching it all to the rest of my band. If I post something as a lyric, that is what it is, if I post something as poem , then that is what that is. OK?

Warren Gates

3rd December 2011

The Chorus in a song strenghtens, highlights, emphasises and repeats an important message in the song/lyrics etc. When inner feelings are related in a song, you will always get an audience that it will relate to that particular feeling. Sometimes it is not for everyone. Only the ones who have a HEART and a SOUL. I have composed over 25 musical numbers called 'Music from the Soul' and that is exactly what it is. However, this is off the subject, as only a few have words. One day I hope to marry both.

Davide Castel

3rd December 2011

Sometimes when I read the lyrics I put them to some random made up tune and sing them aloud. I'm sure the neighbors think I'm crazy... :D

Jessica Shaffer

3rd December 2011

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