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Fairy Tale Retellings - Permitted?

Hello everyone,

As a parodist and pastiche writer, my main body of work over recent years has been fairy tale re-imaginings and re-tellings.

On some sites, these are classed as "fan fiction", while others accept it as original work, since all fairy tales are now in the public domain, and individual interpretations are considered original.

I just wondered what ScribeSlice's official line was on this kind of work, as I'd quite like to share one or two pieces if it is permitted.

Hannah Myers

13th April 2013

It'll be fine Hannah. Like I said, you can put pretty much anything on here.

Shaunna Harper

13th April 2013

Anything except a blatant rip-off of someone else's work that is. But by the sounds of it what you're doing should be fine. Good writers borrow. Great writers steal (just like I did with that quote) :)

Paul Day

14th April 2013

OK. I assume I will be informed if someone believes the piece to be unsuitable for the site? I just don't want to cause a ruckus!

Hannah Myers

13th April 2013

Now that you've mentioned it, I have been thinking about writing some re-imagined Fairy Tales. That's a fantastic idea!

Daniel Bird

13th April 2013

Sounds good. :)

Asma Ahsan

14th April 2013

Retellings are definitely permitted, the simple policy is 'do the right thing'

...and we all deep down know what that is ;)

(specifically, don't plagiarize, be kind, supportive and helpful; critique don't criticize, listen and accept what is offered graciously even if you disagree etc. :)

Jon paul Janze

16th April 2013

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