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My Labor

Hey scribeslice. I am sorry that I haven't been as active lately. This was due to a very intense workload on my new story. I have decided to branch from my horror foundation and the result was....something more than I ever imagined it could be. I ended up writing a piece 5 times longer than I usually write and with a culmination of rhetorical strategies I have never before implemented into a story. It was quite the undertaking to put it all together.

This is essentially me begging you all to read it. Many will just ignore it do to its daunting stature, but I implore you to give it a chance. The diction might become redundant and intimidating. The syntax may seem broken and bland. There is a reasoning behind this madness that I can only hope will be realized by any who give this piece the time of day.

Thanks ahead of time to anyone who decides to give it a read. It means a lot to me as a young writer just starting out.

Taylor Lanson

16th May 2013

Taylor Lanson

16th May 2013

I have read it. I edited it a bit for grammer - then gave up as it gripped me. It occured to me the grammer may be deliberate - so just ignore the comments.

Its excellent.

Keep up the good work!

Asma Ahsan

16th May 2013

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