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It's Obvious

It's obvious that nobody cares anymore. I post stuff and it doesn't get read. Then people are leaving my groups, next minute they'll be unrecommending me. I should have stayed away the first time I left this site. Clearly I'm wasting my time

Rebekah King

14th June 2013

Rebekah, I think that it's just that we haven't heard from you in a while. You are a very good writer and an asset to scribeslice. Please keep posting. Lets see what we can do to get more of your work read. I think I have read most of your work if not all of it. I will go back and revisit some of it, give some comments and add to the discussion to see if I can stir up some interest. I noticed that I was no longer a part of this group. Not sure how that happened but it wasn't intentional.

Deborah Boydston

13th June 2013

We will support you. I personally thought you were not an active member anymore as you mentioned in an earlier post that you are leaving. Glad you are still here. Let's see what we can do to increase your readership. :) I have read your story. I read it when I joined. I liked it. I was new so hesitant to comment.

Later, but soon, I will reread each and leave comments too so we can discuss it, like Deborah has so kindly offered. I will definitely be looking for Deborah's comments on your files.

Please stay. :)

Asma Ahsan

14th June 2013

Much too late. Done with this site. I have been posting the last couple weeks and I've only been ignored.

Rebekah King

16th June 2013

I have never read your comments on any post so I missed your profile altogether. Do you read the work of others too or only post yours? The wirters who also comment on others works get the most views on their own work too. Its like a two way thing. I have noticed that trend here.

I read your last chapter posted in February. It's good. You wrote later that you were going away. You never posted a new file. Shall you be deleting your files now or completing the novel?

Anyways, we all have our own preferences so good luck with your future endeavors. :)

Asma Ahsan

16th June 2013

I have posted two new files since I put that discussion up. I used to read other people's writing, but I don't have the time anymore. People are just rude to me anyway.

Rebekah King

17th June 2013

That's really sad. I only joined fairly recently, and i am very interested in readin and promoting the archived files. I will be reading all your files eventually and reviewing them. I would be honoured if you sometimes drop in and read my discussions. I write primarily to improve my writings. I never really even check who is reading me. Frankly, i prefer to be read by people who are sincere in their appreciation. I am thankful to report that the few readers in here who read my files are nothing but supportive. I was lucky that way. If your files are in the system, and you dont remove them, I will definitely read them and review them. The forum just gets very clogged sometimes, so i guess people forget to read all the files posted by someone.

I try to supprt every author in here. After all, as a writer you put a part of you in here, in the shape of your words so you should get the respect that you deserve.

Good luck with your future endeavors. I am sorry you ran into bad company here.

Asma Ahsan

16th June 2013

I agree with Asma when she said one puts a lot of themselves into their writing…

I love when people give me feedback and state what they dislike/like about what I write. It helps with perspective and fine tuning your technique but…. I don’t write for validation. I write because I love to write and if no one commenting on my writing, yeah, that would kind of suck because I do love the feedback but.. On the other hand, I write because I love to write.. So, if no one commented, than… Again, I would be still writing.

I guess what I am trying to say is; If you write because you enjoy it, forget about the feedback.. Just write.

David Anderson

18th June 2013

I am soon going to review your book in the post you made about it. I hope you will read it.

Asma Ahsan

24th June 2013

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