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Would Like Script Feedback

Hi everyone,

I am hopefully joining a screenwriting class at the beginning of November, and I would like to go into my first lesson with my skills at the highest standard possible. Therefore, I am politely asking members to read at least a few scenes of one of my scripts or sketches, and offer me some feedback. I am happy to read and review work in return.

I do realise that scripts are not to everyone's taste, and thus, people worry about offering unfair critique due to lack of knowledge. Please don't let this be a barrier - your opinion would still be valued. Personally, my weakest medium, in terms of both reviewing and writing, is non-traditional poetry, but I still try hard to offer feedback, mainly because it's often the most active genre in online writing communities. 

These questions highlight my main target areas:

1) Are the scenes funny and interesting? Does anything in particular stand out? 
2) Do sketches work well as stand-alone sequences?
3) Are you interested in learning more about the characters / reading on?
4) Is the script format easy to read? (My main aim for uploads is accessibility rather than professional formatting.)
5) Is there anything I could revise or improve?

Feel free to read as much or as little as you wish, and answer as many or as few of the questions as you wish. You can comment on the pieces themselves or in this thread. 

Thanks in advance for helping me improve!

Hannah Myers

13th September 2013

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