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"She ate most of it up." Ha!

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I Dare You!

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Go for it.

The Bus came on time, not a second late. Trey jumped on behind a buxom lady with an over sized bag slung over a shoulder a thing he regretted. It took forever for her to find a seat and when she did, she ate up most of it. He was torn between going to the back and squeezing in besides her. Choosing the latter, he watched in amazement as she tucked her self in. He wanted to laugh, but it would have sounded outright rude.
He perched on the edge of the seat, atop the mirth that was building up in him. If he thought he had issues, here was a woman with weight issues. Half turning in his seat, he managed a quick hello at her for civility's sake.
'Hm, and you better wipe that smile off your face before I flatten it,' She replied.
'Excuse me?' Trey asks giving her a second glance.
'I dare you,' she glares at him.
Trey rises from the seat and for a moment looks around at the faces in the bus. Every body within earshot is looking at him and craning their necks at buxom lady.
'To do what?'
'To laugh!'
Trey looks at the woman, totally failing to place her. He is having a difficult time trying to keep the lid on the mirth. He attempts a smile.
'Hey,' Trey tries to marshal the support of the onlookers,’ do I look like am laughing?’
Wrong question. The other passengers exchange looks like he is gaga. Somebody guffaws from the back. A lady to the left is shaking all over a hand over her mouth.
‘Go ahead!’
a guy throws back head and his laughter fills the entire bus.
‘Am not laughing,’ Trey snickers. This is getting dangerous.
‘You think me nuts?’ the woman points a finger at her temple like it is a gun. She rises. ‘Hey, somebody tell me, what’s he doing?’
‘He … he …he…’ the man pointing at Trey bends over with laughter slapping his thighs. ‘He is … laugh…’
The bus gets into an uproar. Every body is laughing. Trey is struggling to keep a straight face. The buxom woman is still glaring at him.
That’s it. Trey fetches it from the ether realms and lets go. The laughter bursts forth like a geyser from him. Every body throws back their heads and the laughter is all over like a flood. Tears are spoiling mascarass, sodden 'kerchiefs are getting wrung and everybody is having a fit.
‘That’s much better,’ the buxom lady declares with satisfaction and sits down. 1 comment

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