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Tara Behan Tara Behan
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My Guardian Angel

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soul mates

A halo of colour, reflected from the stained glass,

Around my bowed head.

Kneeling in the chapel, I turn around,

And there you are, standing in the doorway.

You were there on my first day,

When I grazed my knee.

Running as fast as you could,

You came to help me.

You were there on the last day,

When I tried to impress.

You in your tuxedo,

I, in my pink dress.

You took me by the hand,

And waltzed me around the room.

You led me outside,

And kissed me under the moon.

As the wedding bells chime,

On my finger you place a ring.

You tell me that I look beautiful,

When the choir begins to sing.

You are My Guardian Angel,

Sent by God to save me;

And for that I shall be grateful

For all eternity.

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