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Tara Behan Tara Behan
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Shine On

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soul mates

Not knowing who to turn to,

Not knowing where to run.

Not knowing what to do next,

Going over what you’ve done.

Scared of never being loved.

Scared of being alone.

Scared of getting your heart broken.

Scared of getting too close.

Wanting to remember the moments,

The memories you once had.

The things that made you cry the most,

The things that made you glad.

But He was not the Right One,

There’s someone out there for you.

Just sit and watch out for the signs,

And your dreams will all come true.

With every opportunity there’s a chance.

You don’t have to settle for second best.

Find the person that is right for you,

Who is better than all the rest.

The trick is, “Just to Be Yourself,”

And when in doubt, Shine On.

Just wait for the person who will love you For Ever

Even when you’re gone.

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