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Tami Christopher Tami Christopher
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I'm just a kid

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soul mates

I wrote this poem back in 2002. my son was 4yrs old. this is what i saw thru his eyes. he is 14 now.. i thought this poem was lost forever, i just found it today. It's a poem i am so proud of.. i havent written anything in several years, i hope this site will help me to get my MOJO back..

Please don't yell at me, I can hear what you say.
I'll even listen better if you don't yell.
  I'm just a kid, I can hear what you say,
  pay attention to the things you do, things you say,
  and your actions, because I'll say and do them too someday.
  I'm just a kid, I live what I learn, you're one of my role models,
  so ask yourself "do you want me to grow up and be like you".
Remember these things, for I am young,
I'm just a kid, but I'm sure not dumb.
I love and respect you, I'm also learning so much from you.
So sit down, talk to me, explain to me what I did wrong, make sure
I understand you 'cause grown up words can seem so long.
  Don't forget to praise me, for even the smallest thing I did good.
  I feel better knowing I did something right.
  I'm just a kid, I'm learning and growing up fast. I need you
  to educate me; teach me the wrongs and rights through life.
  I need your help growing up.
  So you see, I'm following your examples.
  I'm learning --from you.
  I'm listening --to everything you say.
  I'm living --in your world.
So PLEASE bear with me, teach me and guide me.
  Show me respect --so I'll know respect.
  Teach me discipline--so I'll grow up disciplined.
  SO I CAN LOVE YOU TOO!!                

   to my son William,
whom I am madly and completely in love with.
I wrote this poem as I saw it through your eyes.
A feeling I have never before felt.
I love you son...
  Love mommy

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