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Robert Harris Robert Harris
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Howie And The Wise Sun

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She had a friend.

(Previously self-published in 2010, re-drafting)

There once was a boy named Howie.

Howie had a problem,
All of his friends went away for the day,
He was lonely and sad.

He took a walk in the park,
With hopes of making new friends.

"You don't look like my friends, you don't wear clothes and shoes." said Howie.
"No replied Sammy, "I am yellow and hot!"

"You're a cloud!" exclaimed Howie.
"HHAHA NO," chuckled Sammy,
"I shine upon all the flowers, children and animals."

"You're a sun!" said Howie.
"Yes", said Sammy.
Howie and Sammy became friends.

Next he came upon a puff in the sky named Claude.
"You don't look like my friends, you don't wear a hat and gloves," said Howie.

"NO," replied Claude.
"I am gray and float in the sky, I bring thunder!"

"Oh no! I am afraid of thunder," said Howie.
"Don't be afraid, I am a friendly cloud.
I rain upon the plants and shade you from the hot sun," replied Claude.

"Wheeee! it's fun playing in the rain."

He was not afraid of clouds anymore.
Howie and Claude became friends.

Now Howie was very far from home.
He grew tired and sat down to rest.
He bumped into a creature named "Belle".

"You don't look like my friends, you are tiny and colorful," said Howie.

"Are you a bird?" asked Howie.
"No, I flutter around all day looking for flowers," replied Belle.

"You're a butterfly!" said Howie.
"Yes," replied Belle as she fluttered around excitedly.

Howie and Belle became friends.

Howie waved goodbye as he ran off into the sunset.

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