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Kitchera Hicks Kitchera Hicks
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Truth about Vampires.

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Please give me your thoughts on this if you have any thing to add or take out I'd be pleased to here it we can turn this into a discussion!!!=)

There have been stories told and legends shared of the question; what is the truth and fiction as it concerns vampires?
First off, crosses. Do they effect us? No, a cross does not trouble the vampire kind. In fact, I have developed a habit of wearing one on a silver chain around my neck. The same goes with holy water - that's a myth. Now I suppose if you were to stab me in the heart with a stake I would die but, then again, so would you.
The sunlight won't incinerate me, though it will severely burn my skin and eyes, which is why most of our kind prefer the night life. We are stronger and faster than humans. We drink only fresh human blood, none of the bags from the blood bank and we absolutely can not tolerate animal blood. We do kill when we feed, though not often.
We DO NOT SPARKLE! That's just ridiculous. We only have two fangs, not a mouth full of sharp teeth, and we look like regular humans only our skin is paler. When we bite a human they wont turn unless we let them drink our blood. We are not the "undead", Vampirism is more like a virus that changes the anatomy of humans, therefore it is possible to procreate or be born a Vampire. WE are also not ageless. We just age much slower than humans; think of it as reverse dog years. For instance, we gain five years for every hundred of yours, so I guess for all intents and purposes we are "immortal". The aging process slows when you drink the blood of the one who chooses to change you, unless you were born a vampire, then the aging process slows once you hit puberty. As for changing into a bat? That too is impossible, unless of course you were a shape shifter before you were bitten. Vampire hunters do exist though not as they did in the olden days. Dracula and Nosferatu never existed - that was all Hollywood. Actually, the oldest record of vampirism was found in the early Egyptian era. Oh, and one last thing, we do not sleep in coffins, unless you like the Hollywood feel of it as I do.

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