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Robert Harris Robert Harris
Recommendations: 15

Lion In The Mall

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She had a friend.

The things we desire finds us when we believe.

Millie hated shopping with her mother.

She found the mall boring and would rather be somewhere fun.

That dress mommy bought her was too long and worst of all it’s pink.

What ugly shoes she thought.

Nothing seemed to be going Millie’s way.

Until she gazed upon a stuffed animal in the window.

A lion!

“Can I get that mommy? uh, can I?"

But mommy was busy with adult stuff.

And didn’t notice when Millie rode by on a pony.

Lion was jealous no one played with him.

She swung  and hung with the monkeys.

Millie really wanted Lion.

She jumped and waved as high as she could.

But Lion looked the other way.

She screamed as loud as a trumpet.

Lion covered his ears.

“Fine no cookie,” she said and walked away.

Lion’s tummy rumbled as he drooled.

With a loud roar he  pounced.

With  Millie on his back, they raced across the mall.

up and down the stairs.

Into the woods.

Where they pitched a camp.

When a dragon swooped down and grabbed the cookie.

Dragon could not resist the smell of cookies.

“Give me my cookie,” said Millie, princess of the jungle.

Millie's legs  wobbled as she pee pee in fear.

Dragon laughed at the sight of Millie and Lion.

They wore the silliest hats.

Silly Lion in his cowboy boots.

In their laughter they all shared the biggest cookie in the jungle.

Later that night, as Millie prepared for bed, she heard a tiny roar.

It was Lion under her bed.

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