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Stephen Stribbell Stephen Stribbell
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Playing the Beast

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

Tonight’s the night. Only two songs into our first set, and already the audience is fast becoming one huge creature, filled with lust, desire, and a still building energy that could rival a nuclear reactor. The mass of bodies have already started to move as one; in an incredible display of synchronicity, like choreographed dancing mixed with highly trained martial artists fighting. Yes, I thought, looking at the swaying mass of sweating bodies, tonight’s the night!

The atmosphere is as contagious as a disease, and it draws the audience ever deeper into the overwhelming energy that seems to continue building. Even when we have led them beyond the point of possible eruption, the energy continues to spiral to new heights.

From behind my drum kit, I can see them frantically trying to climb onto the stage, only to be bounced back into the crowd they emerged from; with no warning before the sudden drop. I glance at my band mates, noting the ecstatic grins on their faces. Louder and faster, our music appears to feed the audience, solidifying it, cementing the connection each individual is obviously feeling.

There is no need for explosions, flames, or fancy lighting. Tonight our music is enough to unite every soul in the club. They have transformed into one huge, frantic, hungry organism. A friendly monster, with the potential to turn dangerous at any moment. We soothe the beast before it can turn ugly, only to lead it to the brink of a mass orgasm again.

We carry the creature to dizzying heights, settle it back onto a level plain, and then do it again. Its almost like a wild, crazy, animalistic orgy, yet we continue to tease them, prolonging the ecstasy. When the perfect moment for climax arrives, we will instinctually know it, since we now control the beast that we created from what was only a restless crowd before the show began.

The frenzied ritual continues until we finally leave them revelling in a powerful release. Slowly the beast unwinds into glassy-eyed, and spent individuals. If you look closely enough, you can see the change in them. No longer a restless crowd, they look more like a close-knit tribe, collecting themselves after an intense and draining ceremony.

Backstage, after the final encore, we all agree that tonight was a magical night.

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