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Dessy B. Dessy B.
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Chapter 1

One rule: never trust good and polite promises. I have not met him and got my deserts. But I was too young and naive. Not to mention that my friends were full of grief. Irresponsible party people. Their hormones raging and makes them behave like mad. Maybe this is why our parents so easily agree to put us on this trip. But to start a row.
It was the beginning of summer vacation. I lay in my soft comfortable bed. I was already awake and staring at the white ceiling. Soft, golden light came through the thin white curtain. I was loose and relaxed. My dark brown hair I had in scattered light pink bag. The contrast was obvious. Sun cast golden brown highlights in my eyes. My skin was very pale. I am often irritated by me called "Snow White". Rarely pay attention.
There was ten o'clock in the morning when my mother entered in my room. She was serious as always. She was tall and slender. Always wore formal suits. Driving her rights, black hair was hanging like a waterfall on her shoulders. She wore heels with ease. I did not know how it does. Personally, I prefer low sport shoes. I do not like designer clothes and uncomfortable shoes. It seemed silly to squirm my body. I was too plain. Usually I wore glasses with silver frame. I love reading. I heard that some people call me "bookish". Well, at least I was not a brainless doll. However.
My mother pulled my blanket.
- Come on, Melissa! Get up!
I groaned. But what annoyance. I rose and sat down on the edge of the bed, and descended feet in soft slippers. My hair cascaded on my face by a large part of it. The red shirt, which contrasted with the whiteness slept on sheets.
-What now? I'm not at school.
--The director Hendrix call.
I raised my eyes to it. Pushing my heart in my chest. Why is she call home during the holidays?
-What she want?
-Your school organizes a trip to a castle in the UK.
-Your class will go. She wanted to acknowledge your presence.
-And what you said?
-That you will go, of course. You cannot miss events like school. That tightens you luggage.
-But... How long is this trip?
-One month.
After this clarification, she left my room. A month? Wow... it was a big surprise. I say this because my dear mother did not let me go to a nearby town, and now she sends me in another country. It seemed to me a little doubtful. There was no sense to contradict this woman. Sooner or later she received what she wants. Not to mention that my father was always agrees with her. They were a team and acted synergistically. It was unthinkable to try to use them against one another. Complete waste of time and energy. For that I stopped trying. One could say that I submitted. Well, if you knew Margaret and Stephen, surely you would understand me.
I was distracted, but I came back to reality from my mother's scream. There were times when I thought that I live in the barracks. Although it was not that bad. At least everything was in order. However. I clothed my short jeans and black shirt with red inscription which reads  as well as application of an angel and a demon. I like her. My mother hated her but she knew it I would not get it. Prepared the luggage. Of course, the luggage to be checked. This does not bother me. Then I left my room. I went into the kitchen arranged. There smelling of fried eggs and toast. And smells of fresh cooked tea. Our maid Maria smiled me. She low and slightly rounded woman. There was a typical Latin look. She spoke Spanish only with my mother. I do not know why. I love this woman, but she also loved me too. She worked at home since I can remember.
-Smells great, Maria.
-Thank you, sweetie. I've prepared your favorite.
I answered her with a smile.
-I heard that you will travel.
-Yes. My mother sent me to... trip.
This time I do not sound happy. And I was not. I had a strange feeling about this trip.
-Don't you glad, Melissa? - She asked.
-I do not know. I have a strange feeling.
She read the fear in my eyes. Then out of the beautiful rosary of her apron pocket. Pin it on my neck.
-This cross is blessed in the church. It will keep you from evil.
I took the waist in my hand and looked it. It was beautiful and made me feel relaxed. I put a chain shirt and hugged Maria.
-Thank you, Maria. It was very beautiful.
Then came my mother. I smiled of her.
-Well, boss? When I will go?
-Today in the afternoon.
-And since when do you know?
-Three days.
I cannot believe. She knows is so long, and tells me at the last minute. It was not very fair. That I sat on the little white table in the kitchen. Breakfast was delicious, but less eaten. Since I learn new lost my appetite. As if the lump was standing in my stomach. I did not understand my anxiety. I noticed that Maria was worried. I don't dare say anything to my mother or my father. They would tell me that I have exaggerated to that blather. Typical for them.

My mom drove me to the airport. There were only a few of my classmates. It turned out that only we will go. Nine people including the director. I looked at my mother, but nothing of expressing her stone expression. I did not expect an explanation from her. Not this bothers me. The problem was that I would spend a month with the disconnect and messy classmates that I had. That was nasty.
     I got the car and some guy brings my luggage. My mom went to speak with director Olivia Hendrix and I joined my classmates. But I do not lose sight of the two women. My director was mid, low and slender woman. She was nearly forty. Had brown hair reaching down to her shoulders. Rights and was always neatly combed. Her eyes were gray as a rainy sky. Usually wearing costumes too strict, but now wearing a beautiful dress of cotton flowers. And she like me wearing glasses. They gave extra strict and kind. I could not accept it with this new look. She never had seen so. This was topic of conversation among my classmates.
-Wow… Did you saw Hendrix? – Jack said.
-Yeah. Any offer that may seem like a human. – Sonia laughed.
     All erupted in laughter. Even I could not be charged.
     Jack was high 1.80 cm. He has a perfect body. And how else? He was the star of the football team. He had short blond hair styled with gel. His eyes were blue. All the girls were crazy him, but he only paid any attention to his girlfriend Jesse. That was a little weird. On the other hand was Sonia. She looked like a model. Dark black hair and green eyes. She was about one meter and seventy tall and thin. Always dressed in branded clothing. Not to mention that the number of losing her boyfriends. All she was called “slut”, but she does not care.
-What do you think, Mel?
     Sometimes called me and in this way. Mel.
-I do not know. I am surprised by this… change. I feel it is up to something that will get us do not liking.
-What pessimist. – Chloe said.
-No, I would say. Just ask yourself the following question: when the director seemed… sexy?
     I really thought about all short. But as always think they came to a conclusion.
-What if where we go she has a lover? – Max assumption.
-Maybe so… - Crafty smile on Sonia not come down from her face. – She will prove very… naughty bitch.
-Who is the bitch?
     Even if we had not noticed that the director has approached. We all were silent. I looked, but my mother was not there. I do not like it. There was something… wrong.
     We got on the plane. I had to sit by Sonia. We understood ourselves very well. We were not close friends, but understood. She often tried to convince me that you should change my style. Saying that I am cute and have potential. But this time, conversation took a different turn. This time, however, spoke more quietly than usual.
-Listen, Mel…
I turned away my head from the book, who I read it.
-Let me tell you something, but you will remain silent.
-That when I issue you?
-I like Jack.
-What girl did not fall on him? It is no secret.
-Yes, but I slept with him.
     I looked her with amazement.
-How? When? He would never betray Jessica.
-He was drunk and does it… with me.
-Damn! You to be benefited.
-Do not judge me. You would know it do?
-No. And he is not my type.
-Tell me then. What is your type? Do you like guys?
-Of course, I like boys. When I meet a boy to make me crazy, I will tell you.
-I know. I want to confess and otherwise.
-Wait, Sonia! Do not tell me that you had sex with someone else boyfriend.
-You don’t want to know answer to that.
-That’s true. I do not want.
-I trust only you. All other think that I am the school slut.
     I looked at her with a smile. The truth is that I thought the same, but she denied it. Sonia responds to my smile. With this we finished the conversation.
     The flight was long nightmare. It was boring. Personally, I slept most of the time. But boys are not stopped to catch air hostess. Nothing new. But Mrs. Hendrix seemed somewhat distracted. Against the window smiling. It makes me happy somehow. I do not tell anyone about it.

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