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Gary Smith Gary Smith
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Backyard Battleground

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I was a firefighter for 15 years in Warren, Ohio and in that time I learned a lot about what fire can and cannot do. I know that fire is dangerous if played with. I want people to know that they must respect the element. This is my way of having fun and learning in bits and pieces about the mind of a firefighter and the fire they try to control. I retired in 2006 and moved on to other things. I've been an artist all my life and have wanted to put words to my art for years so this is one of my works. I taught fire safety to kids and young adults while a firefighter and got great response from my listeners. I wanted to make a new way to get safety ideas out to people about fire and do it in an amusing, entertaining way. Not all my stories will be like this but I love to teach in a fun way. I have more stories in the works. I hope that you enjoy this and let me know what you think.


PANEL 1: Full body shot of Warren The Fire Dog in turnout gear/firefighter protective uniform. Story panels are long and connected to his body. ( This benevolent creature is a humanoid Dalmatian dog that narrates the beginning and ending of each story.)
WARREN (WFD): It’s a new day for our little buddy, firefighter Kyle.
PANEL 2: Kyle stands on the bathroom toilet and watches his daddy shave.
WFD: Kyle’s dad is off today from the fire station, so the family’s planning a cookout!
PANEL 3: Kyle’s in the kitchen getting eggs and bacon from the refrigerator for his mom.
WFD: However, I hope Kyle will be able to squeeze in an exciting  adventure for us.
WARREN: Actually, I don’t think Kyle’s going to have a choice.
PANEL 4: Warren points out Fyreball (F.B. from now on in panel descriptions. The creature is a 4’ foot tall two-armed and legged walking round ball of fire. He’s about nothing but bad.) sneaking around in the backyard.
WARREN: You see there? Our fiery villain has plans to turn the family picnic into a…
By: Gary A. Smith
All the characters and contents of this book are tm & © 2011 GAS Studios. The books entirety is fictional and anyone or anything that is similar to persons or things living or dead is purely coincidental.


PANEL 1: Kyle’s parents are in the kitchen cooking breakfast. Kyle is lying on floor next to his feeding rabbit, Smoke.

PANEL 2: Kyle looks up from the floor and talks to his mom.

KYLE: Mommy, be careful with that pan on the stove, okay? You don’t want to cause a fire.

PANEL 3: Shot of Kyle’s parents at the stove. His mom with pan of bacon and his dad is mixing the eggs. Kyle’s dad makes a ‘yuck’ face.

SFX:(Bacon cooking.) SSSS!

MOM: Thanks Bubba-loo. I’m keeping a close eye on ‘em. I don’t want to burn breakfast either.

DAD: Blah! Huh, Kyle?

PANEL 4: Close up of Kyle making the exact face while Smoke eats.

KYLE: Blah! Burnt eggs and bacon wouldn’t taste good, huh Smoke?

PANEL 4: Smoke’s wearing his fire helmet. He has a mouth full of rabbit pellets. He’s wrinkling up his nose and looking at the reader.

SFX:(Smoke chewing.) CRUNCH! MUNCH! MUNCH!

SMOKE: …?!


PANEL 1: Kyle’s dad squats down next to him and Smoke.

DAD: Hey buddy-kid, how’d you sleep?

PANEL 2: Kyle sits up and has an excited look on his face.

KYLE: Great, daddy. Smoke was with me in my dream last night. We were fighting FYREBALL again.  

PANEL 2: Dad picks Kyle up and holds him on his hip.

DAD: Really? Did ya put out his fire with that super dooper surround and drown, soak’em up, what-cha-ma call it gun of yours?

PANEL 3: Kyle giggles and looks at his dad.

KYLE: Ha-ha! Daddy! It’s the Myghty FYREFORCE High-Volume Super-Pressure Flash-Flood Water-Cannon! Like the one the FYREFORCE uses on TV. It’s sooo cool!

PANEL 4: Dad laughs and extends his arms and swings Kyle in the air.

DAD: Oh! Sorry, bud. I can’t keep up with all their cool tools and stuff.

KYLE: It’s okay daddy. You get to use the real thing. I think that’s even cooler.


PANEL 1: Mom is in the background putting plates on the table for breakfast. Dad holding Kyle in foreground, they turn to mom.

MOM: So tell us about your dream, Bubba.

PANEL 2: Kyle’s face merging with the dream world. We see a different fiery version of F.B. He’s in a huge GODZILLA type dinosaur form and he’s fire blasting the city.

SFX:(F.Z. foot stomps.) BOOM! BASH! BAM!

KYLE: Fyreball turned himself into a giant fire-saur!

KYLE: He was stomping around and shooting fire out of his mouth.

DAD:(Off camera.) What like GODZILLA on fire?

KYLE:(Off camera.) Yeah! FYREZILLA, Ha-ha!

PANEL 3: Kyle and Smoke grow huge and face off with F.B.

KYLE: I wore my ULTRA FIREMAN (U.F. from now on.) armor! Me and Smoke were hunormous!


PANEL 1: Dad puts Kyle down and stands up straight. He looks down at Kyle and questions him.

DAD: Hew-normous? Ha-ha! Where’d ya get that word?

KYLE: Oh, it’s huge and enormous in one word. Ha-ha!

DAD: Ahh, Hu-normous! You’re funny buddy.

PANEL 2: Kyle and Smoke blast F.B., covering him in foam.

KYLE: Haha! You should’a seen us, Daddy! Smoke and me blasted Fyreball with foam from the tanks we were wearing.

MOM:(Off camera.) Whoa! What did Fyrezilla do then?

PANEL 3: F.Z. changes back to F.B. and shrinks to normal size and hangs there in the sky. He’s puny next to huge Kyle and Smoke, who are staring him down. Kyle’s fingers are around F.B. He’s ready to squish him.

FYREBALL: Curses! I’ll get you yet Ultra Fireman and your big bunny too!

PANEL 4: Kyle pulls up on his pants, sniffs, curves his lips, all Barney Fife style like. U.F. squishes F.B. between his thumb and forefinger.


Kyle: (Off camera.) He started yelling at me so I just squished him.


PANEL 1: Dad and Kyle sitting down at the table. Mom is putting food on their plates.

DAD: Wow! I’ve fought the red dragon many times, but not quite like that. Haha!

KYLE: Yeah, that’s what you call firefighting sometimes huh, Daddy. Fighting the red dragon?

PANEL 2: Dad in a heroic pose.

DAD: Yeah buddy. I’m a fire-knight fighting off evil fire dragons that cause destruction to people and property. I show up and save the day.

KYLE: That’s cool, daddy! I want to be a firefighter someday so I can help people, too.

PANEL 3: Mom gets the guys attention.

MOM: Your dad’s a real life hero bubba-loo. Now let’s eat, ‘cause this breakfast is one thing I know you guys don’t like cool. Haha!

KYLE: Yep, yep!

PANEL 4: Everyone’s done eating. Sitting back in their chairs.
Mom touches Kyle’s arm.
DAD and KYLE: That was great!

MOM: Thanks fella’s and you’re welcome.

MOM: Hey bubba? Will you go get the newspaper for your daddy?

MOM: Then you may help me get ready for our picnic today. Okay?


PANEL 1: Kyle waves to his dad. Who is stacking dishes by the sink.

KYLE: Okay mommy! I’ll be back daddy.

DAD: All right buddy kid.

PANEL 2: Kyle picks up Smoke.

KYLE: C’mon, Smoke. I hope we can get the paper without that hot head, Fyreball showing up.

PANEL 3: Kyle carries Smoke and walks out of the side door and right into the garage. Smoke, hanging over Kyle’s shoulder, sees F.B. first.

KYLE: Ya never know when or where Fyreball will strike next.

Smoke: !

PANEL 4: F.B. is peeking in the garage back door.

FYREBALL (F.B.): Ahh, There he is. Mischief time is about to begin!


PANEL 1: Kyle senses Smoke’s tension and looks around and sees F.B. pull back from door.

KYLE: What’s up, Smoke? Oop!

F.B.: Oop!!
PANEL 2: Kyle squints his eyes and looks serious.

KYLE: I see him, Smoke? We got us a fire in the backyard.

PANEL 3: Kyle pretends he has a microphone in his hand.
KYLE: Attention we have a report of a backyard fire in progress! At 122 Elm Street! Firefighter Kyle and Smoke are responding!

PANEL 4: Kyle looks to the back of the garage where his turnout gear locker is. His name is on the locker.

KYLE: Time to go to work, furry pal.


PANEL 1: Kyle reaches for his turnout gear and puts it on. You can see all the pieces clearly. Think Batman. Starting with his pants and boots.

Kyle: Pants and boots. Check!

PANEL 2: Kyle puts on his hood, coat and gloves.

KYLE: Hood, coat and gloves. Check!

PANEL 3: Kyle puts on his helmet.

KYLE: Helmet. Check!

PANEL 4: Kyle grabs his water cannon backpack.

KYLE: Myghty Fyreforce High-Volume Super-Pressure Flashflood Water- Cannon. Check!

PANEL 5: Kyle picks up his dad’s newspaper.

KYLE: Daddy’s paper. Check!


PANEL 1: Kyle in a heroic pose, are dressed and ready for action. Smoke watches on.

KYLE: Let’s do this!


PANEL 1: Kyle grabs a little foam cannon backpack out of the gear locker and places it on Smokes back.

KYLE: I didn’t forget about you little partner.

PANEL 2: Kyle runs up to the back door and peeks out into the back yard. We see F.B. over Kyle’s shoulder bouncing around in the back yard.

F.B.: Doo bee dum dee doo!

KYLE: What’s that ball of flame up to this time?

PANEL 3: Kyle bends down and talks to Smoke.

KYLE: Hold up here, Smoke. I got a plan. You stay behind and watch my back.

PANEL 4: Kyle continues to speak to Smoke. He puts his hand on Smoke’s shoulder.

KYLE: Fyreball’s full of tricks. I want you to watch that he doesn’t sneak up on me from behind.

KYLE: You’re my secret weapon. Be ready to come to my aid ‘kay? When he sees you, you’ll scare a lot of the heat out of him. Haha!


PANEL 1: F.B. bounces over to a lawn chair.

F.B.: Decisions, decisions. Oh what should I choose to destroy first. It’s so hard to decide. Eeeny-meany-miney-moe! The chair.

PANEL 2: F.B. looks over to Kyle, winks and sets the lawn chair on fire.

F.B.: Here’s my version of the ‘Hot Seat’! Ha-ha!


PANEL 3: Kyle runs out into the backyard blasting water to put out the chair.

KYLE: Noooo! What do you think you’re doing? Leave our stuff alone!


PANEL 1: Kyle aims his water cannon at F.B. but he’s too quick. F.B. leaps over to the volleyball net and sets it on fire

SFX (F.B. jumping): FWIIP!

SFX (Net on fire.): FWOOMM!

F.B.: Care for a game? There goes family fun time! Ha-hee-ha!

PANEL 2: Kyle screams and leaps over to the net. He blasts it with water.

KYLE: AAUUUGH! Not the net!

PANEL 3: Kyle lands in front of F.B. aiming his cannon at him.

KYLE: (In thought) I gotta distract Fyreball from setting anymore stuff on fire.

PANEL 4: Kyle still aiming his cannon at F.B. who stares menacingly at him.

KYLE: What’s burning through that boiling mind of yours, Fyreball?


PANEL 1: F.B. welcomes the question and begins to stroll around Kyle.

F.B.: Oh, my friends and I were in the area and thought we’d stop by for a little “cookout” with my favorite do-gooder…YOU.

PANEL 2: Kyle looks over the top of the cannon sight.

KYLE: Oh you shouldn’t have, really I mean that. Wherever your friends are, tell ‘em to

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