John Ramsbottom John Ramsbottom
Recommendations: 5

this imagery of water cleansing but also with the ebb and flow of tides that dumps things like drift wood on a beach(or us in life) or takes things away from us.(death)

John Ramsbottom John Ramsbottom
Recommendations: 5

The whole poem is magical. It also feels like song lyrics or may be one day

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Kaitlyne Beaudin Kaitlyne Beaudin
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She had a friend.
Now and then.
Silent words.
My best friend.

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soul mates

I had this idea from a dream.

My feet walking in the sunset.
My head turned toward the sparkling waves.
I'm looking with a glint in my eye thinking of what I want to do
in my future.

My feet brushing the water, Lost in the sight, and my thoughts
are too personal to recall. letting my regrets and
fears get carried away by the waves. 1 comment

Light up my life, Light up my dreams.
Fill me up show me my life. Cause
I lay what my life was, is, and what
is to come.

I throw myself in the open
ocean. I swim deep as I dive
under. I leave my fears, regrets
reality, and my dreams. 1 comment

I come up to breathe but
most of all, I come up to
get more of life. 2 comments

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