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Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
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The Dawning

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soul mates

I saw the most wonderful picture. All blues and greys. A mountain ridge behind a lake, and around the lake, nestled sleepily, a small group of homes. It inspired me to write this. I wouldn't call it a poem exactly, but it was more poem than short story, so I chose that category to post it under.

Shadow rolled in like thunder and hung over the land,
watchful, endlessly waiting for the inevitable stirring.
Souls sighed, turned toward it unknowingly,
saw in it shelter, not fear. Peace. Rest.
And so it was they lay there,
wrapped in slumberous cocoon year after year,
caught between time and imagination
in a secret world where nothing passed,
nothing came or went, until....
impatient Gloaming spoke with Morning,
whispers floated in like smoke
and sat upon the stillness of the lake,
pressed it into wakefulness, melted off the chill.
Silver shot into the blue, swam with sinuous form under the surface,
swirled with joy until it could no longer be contained.
Leaps of faith commenced --
purest expression, exquisite demonstration, it sang out to the shore.
Lifting her reeds, she smiled, and flowers burst forth from the long-dormant soil,
stirring birds to shake off the comfort of their nests and fly free – SING!
And such bells of sound ringing out across the land, from tallest tree to thirsty heart,
that spirit heard and opened up at last.
Man and woman woke as one, day had begun.

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