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Stephen Stribbell Stephen Stribbell
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The Window

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soul mates

This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

There is a window in my room, I see it through these eyes.
I watch the world, I cannot laugh or cry.
The images flicker their imprints on these burning eyes;
I can’t understand, they make me wish I could die.
I watch the faceless heads, followers of fools.
I see them all drowning in this stagnating pool.
I watch Utopian dreams of all that could be.
I see high-tech fashion and poverty.
I see refugees, crime, a girl; irate.
I see pills made to help you defecate.
I see the products of a sick generation.
I see the vomit of a nation.
I see the makers of rules and enforcers too.
I see the ghetto kids with nothing to do.
The window flashes its light on the darkened room,
Bringing shadows to life on the walls.
My hands are slow motion in the pulse of the strobe
As I raise the bottle tall.
Sweet smoke slowly lifts to the height of the gloom
And I’m beginning to feel so strong,
I can laugh at this world, screaming from my window,
I can carry on.
Nuclear weapons, generic products, and rotting flesh.
Dumb blondes, school boards, and camouflage mesh.
Satellite signals, chemical waste, a dirty mag.
Broken glass, disease, a battle flag.
Shootings, stabbings, children writhe and crawl.
Festering boils, mutilated toys, I see it all.
I see bankers and judges and unemployed,
I see the jet-setters looking overjoyed.
The message on the coin in the Palsey victim’s hand reads:
“In God We Trust”, but he don’t give a damn.
See the cancer patient, she’s got no hope.
See the lovely lady dangling from a rope.
I see a documentary on biological engineering.
I see some old men, at a strip show; leering.
Food shortage, burning home, a girl on her knees;
From the look on her face, she’s eager to please.
The colour bars appear, so its still alright…
The faceless heads can sleep tonight.

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