John Tucker John Tucker
Recommendations: 23

ellipsis should be before the question mark.

Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
Recommendations: 19

You're right. I changed it.

Don Yarber Don Yarber
Recommendations: 42

This is an incomplete sentence. Often used in writing, but still grammatically incorrect. To make it complete, add: I heard to the beginning.

Jennifer Killby Jennifer Killby
Recommendations: 6

There should be a space between the punctuation mark (!) and I in the second line.

Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
Recommendations: 19

Thank you, I didn't see that.

John Tucker John Tucker
Recommendations: 23

It sounds better to say --- I floated upwards and the sheets fell away, swirling around my ankles....

Deborah Boydston Deborah Boydston
Recommendations: 45

I agree with John on this one. Although I like John's take on it better you could also say----I flosted upwards, the sheets fell away and swirled around my ankles.....

Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
Recommendations: 19

I missed that one. Thank you. I usually write without capitals entirely, then edit.

Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

Interesting how in dreams reality sets in.

Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

dream or no (should be dream or not)

Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
Recommendations: 19

Oh, I have always said it like that!

Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

when in a dream, one always wakes, or else they die. Was the last para. fiction? Water dreams, means emotions

Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
Recommendations: 19

i died in the dream. always. first i suffocated, then let go and ended up flying.

Davide Castel Davide Castel
Recommendations: 39

That is a strange one. Unless in real life you were 'free' to be yourself, you let go of some inhibition you had? My claustophic dreams were born from childhood fears. Dreams create great fiction stories.

Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
Recommendations: 19

Yes, possibly I did. I let go of the fear of dying i think.

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Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
Recommendations: 19

Letting Go

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She had a friend.

A reoccurring nightmare I had as a child.

I awoke with a gasp, chest tight, heart hammering against my ribs. What...? 2 comments

A sound, like water slapping against the sides of a tub. 2 comments

No, not slapping, I thought. Not a tub. But it was water. Filling something. I looked down. The house! It was filling the house! I sat there in bed like an idiot, white sheets tangled around my waist, staring at it rising around me. So fast did it rise, that I would soon be inside of it. I should get up, I told myself, I should move. 2 comments

But I didn't. Instead I waited. Waited for it to fill my room.

I looked toward the window. Was it open? I wondered. If it was, the water would spill out onto the lawn and be soaked up by the thirsty earth. 2 comments

But no, it was not open. No breeze stirred the filmy curtains. No birds sang in the sun.

I will drown. The thought wove its way through my thoughts but failed to break the odd lethargy that had a hold of me.

Stay. Stay here and wait.

I stayed.

The water rose to kiss my lips, my nose. It was warm, soothing. 2 comments

No! my mind finally, belatedly, shrieked in alarm. What was I doing, sitting here? I should be moving! I have to move!

I floated upwards and the sheets fell away, swirling around my ankles like clouds. One kick and my nightgown pressed against my skin, then billowed, then streamed against me once more. The water was coming faster now. I held my chin above it, tried to suck in the last remnants of air while I clung to the ceiling. 2 comments

But I couldn't stay there, cheek mashed against the stucco, I needed to find a way out. Wait, the door was open. How had I not noticed the door was open?

I took a deep breath, the deepest I had, and plunged into the warmth. Swam through the doorway into the hall. Down the long hall and around the bend. I peered into the kitchen.

Empty. All of it was empty. Where was everybody?

I continued on and entered the wide living room. The open space made me feel a bit better, as though I could breath again. But looking around me I still saw no way out--all the windows were sealed, the doors locked.

The room blurred. It was all sort of green anyway--the clear, pale green of algae mixed with pool water. I was out of air.

My lungs began to burn and I panicked, shook my head violently as I fought the urge to inhale. Pain cramped my chest. The world was darkening. My vision was failing. I was failing.

Stop, a voice whispered. Stop fighting it. Let go.

But I'll die! my mind screamed. I'll drown! 3 comments

Yes, drown. Let go and drown. It will be all right.

But I couldn't. I fought it, opening and closing my mouth in a series of silent screams. It did no good. I felt myself slipping away completely. My heart was going to explode.

Then, finally, I understood. It's a dream. It's all a dream.

I opened my mouth and inhaled. In rushed the water, like a swarm of bees returning to the hive. I choked at first, in shock, dream or not it felt strange. Soothing, a relief, but strange. And didn't feel like anything at all. I was free. Free! 2 comments

I opened my arms, light as air in this world of imaginings, and twirled. The water did not buoy me or weigh me down anymore, I could move without effort. I headed toward the ceiling, passed through wood, tarp, and shingles, to pale blue sky. And flew, and flew, and flew... 4 comments

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