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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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Spirits of Horses

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soul mates

I am a horse lover- my horses are gone and I miss them.

Spirits of horses long since gone
to meadows far away,
graze the pastures of my mind
throughout the living day.
A quaint and cobbled barn
still smells of horse and hay,
the fragrance of a happy world
I hope will never fade.

In every empty stall
a precious ghost resides,
the pretty mare with flaxen mane,
the geldings that I used to ride.
Lovely names engraved in brass
remain upon the doors,
"Sir Rajah", "Polly", "Carousel",
gone forevermore.

But never gone from memory
or swept away by time,
I often feel their gentle breath
mingling with mine.
And in dreams they come,
running wild and free,
though in life they were but pets
and all adored by me.

When my days are finished
and it's time to hurry home,
they'll be waiting at the gate
like they've always done.
Once again I will kiss each nose,
stroke their silky ears,
and the God of my Eternity
will free my soul of tears.

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