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John Ramsbottom John Ramsbottom
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When I Write

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soul mates

a genuine poem that I wrote years ago to a young lady

When I write
When I feel alone                                          
And I need you near me                                  
I can’t bare to be apart.      
I feel restless without you
Your visit ends early for me
I just love the things you do
Please go slower and come back quickly

I loved you from the start
Your intelligence and wit
You dance and make my heart feel full
And the moments that you’re with me
I feel complete
I write a song of love for you.

When I write for you
It’s because you make me happy
It was always from the start
And the moments that you’re with me
I feel complete
You make me sing a song for you.

So I write a song
It’s written to make you happy
They’re always from my heart
And the moments that you’re with me
I feel complete
I think that I’m in love with you.

(written to the tune of
‘When I fall in love’ originally sang by Nat King Cole)

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