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Warren Gates Warren Gates
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Love Song

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soul mates

This is an original song that I wrote a couple of years ago

I wrote a love song just for you
I hope you’re never blue
A love song from my heart to you
I wrote it just the other day
When there was nothing else to do
Except to walk out in the rain with thoughts of you

You say things that make me laugh
I can make you smile from ear to ear
We are half a world apart and you’re in my heart
These words of love are yours to hear

I want to reach out for your hand, take you in my arms
And dance under the stars that brought us here
You give me a thrill I’d never known until
I opened  my soul and let you near
You are the only one who holds the key
Which opens the door to me
You are the only one who knows the dance
Let’s take a chance on this romance

I wrote a love song just for you
on a rainy afternoon
A love song for the sun to shine on you
Now I am thinking about your eyes
And I hope you realize
I always sing love songs to you

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