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Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
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Soul Mates

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soul mates

This work is meant to be centred. My girlfriend posted some photos of beaches where she lives and this little story/poem quickly formed in my head.

At night the sea lies calmly still
deep and dark her slumber
and as she dreams the creatures come
crawl into bed beside her
She gives them room to snuggle warm
though coolness all she offers
the moon will sing a lullaby
such light and peace it proffers

Dawn soon comes in wave of pink
to stir the liquid heart;
a massive sigh, her bedmates fall ~
reluctantly depart
Peeling back all cover now
she rolls naked t'ward the shore
so many years of kissing him
have made her long for more

For once they'd been together
beneath her waves so vast
sharing all their differences
happy, though it passed
A lover's spat had destroyed all
a storm of spray and fire
he'd wanted to see air above
she saw only her desire

To have him with her always
to never ever part
'twas not to be, she realized
for next morn he did depart
He'd risen from their bed of sand
spread far and wide and high
before she knew it he was Land
face upturned to sky

Then passed days of emptiness
when she lay flat, and dead
beneath his cliffs - his walls so tall -
she faced each day with dread
Tears flowed freely and she swelled
then higher, higher still
but not enough to reach his heart -
or so she thought, until

She saw a mountain form and look
down on her sad sad face
in renewed hope she reached for him
he gave to her a place
where rock curved just like open arms
and sea could swim inside
touch liquid love to solid strength
in forgiveness now abide

The years did pass through storm and sun
each night the moon did shine
pulling her away from him
though she flung herself each time
upon the smoothened edges
she'd worn away each day
only pockets formed by her own tears
still held her salty spray

But today it would be different
she'd walk upon his shore
trace patterns with her fingertips
on beloved face she did adore
She'd covered him with kisses
let cloud form from her pain
watched it hover over him
grow blankets green with rain

Never had it been enough
without the other each was lost
soul mates til the end of time
together, no matter what the cost
She gathered up her lace-edged gown -
the foam by passion wrought -
adorned the seashell form she'd made
stepped forth, found love she sought

~~~~~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~~~~
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