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Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
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A Sensual Feast

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soul mates

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Rain trickling...sliding...down my naked body
Mist dampening my skin
A warm breeze, lightly caressing, wrapping around me,
making me lean into it for more

Even the flowers feel it...opening to the heat
like lovers offering up their souls to their beloved.
The world is bursting with scents, buds are swelling,
leaves unfurling, colours exploding...


Fill me up
Pour me out
Make me one with all

My feet sink into soil
My limbs reach
My spirit expands, breaks free, flies

I am the heartbeat, the thunder, the crashing wave
The song that sighs through the willows,
the fish that leaps for joy
The lover, the mother,
the seed that fades away
I am...


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