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Love the last two lines

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This is completely out of my imagination, it is in no way autobiographical. Even so, I feel self - conscious about posting this as I wrote this long, long ago, maybe 30 years? it is a song which never saw the light of day.

Don’t close your eyes for me
Waiting for love to shine
Through the darkness of your lonely mind
I don’t keep promises
I can’t make dreams come true
Or do one thing good for you

I’m just the fantasy
You had as a child
A hand on the wheel of your dreams
Driving you wild 1 comment

Don’t bare your soul to me
Thinking to feel no pain
I’ll only hurt you again and again
Straight-faced I’ll tell you lies
And hold you close to me
I’ll keep you falling so innocently

And when your racing heart
Cries in despair
You’ll reach for Love’s embrace
And I just won’t be there

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