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Toney Eugene Toney Eugene
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soul mates

Lying next to you as the morning sun kisses your skin
Remnant feelings from last night stir up within
And I caress your body, trace the outline of your tattoos
Each inked design sings it’s very own blues
For underneath each tattoo is a scarred memory you try to cover
A new addition to your body art every time a new love is over
Yet everything about the ink on your skin intrigues me
You don’t have to say a word for they spell out your history
You try to lie to me with your beautiful brown eyes
But the truth of it all I see in the blue and red butterflies
And the rose on the small of your back says you’ve been hurt not long ago
The cracked heart on your right arm, all your tears they begin to show
And I’m in love with every single one of your inked designs
Yet I dread the day when the new one will be mine…

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