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Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
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soul mates

Another one I just wanted to share.

He loved to watch her-
in the morning, in the evening.
As she brushed her hair
and put on her lotions
he followed the motions of her slender hands
and imagined the softness they were touching-
the silkiness of her skin
then smiled with satisfaction
because it was more memory than imagination;
he’d felt those limbs before
caressed the same lines she now caressed.

And when she put on her makeup
he wanted to say, “No, don’t bother,
you cannot improve upon perfection.
Allow me to put the blush into your cheeks
let me kiss your lips a deeper hue.”
But he remained silent
because the simple pleasure of watching
was enough right then
and knowing it was all for him brought
it’s own quiet joy and satisfaction.

He remembered the first time he’d seen that turn of ankle
and how greatly it had affected him.
How far they’d come since then.
Now, he’d seen it all - the lush curve of breast, the hollow valley between them
the long sweep of arms and legs, the slender line of spine, the softly rounded hips -
and yet each was still as mysterious as it ever had been.
Always and forever
because all were guided and enhanced by someone much more so:
The woman he loved more than life itself.

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