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Don, this is so true and I enjoyed reading it, however, for some reason I cannot get into the 'Discuss' to comment on this. So 'Happy belated 75th Birthday to you Don'. And yes, where have all those years gone?

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Don Yarber Don Yarber
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And Time Goes By

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soul mates

He who has the most birthdays lives the longest.  I turned 75 on Nov. 9th.

Has anyone ever asked you, “Have you got a moment please?”
And you stopped and talked to them for two or three?
Have you ever stood around and shifted back and forth
While waiting for hot water to make tea?

Did you ever stop to wonder at the microwave?
While warming up another cup of Joe?
Why it is that when, you’re in a hurry, friend,
Those seconds tick away so doggone slow?

Or have you ever wondered while watching that old clock
Why your day at work seems like eternity?
You’d bet your last ten dollars and then throw in the dog
That four hours passed to get from one to three.

Well let me tell you folks, I’ve been there many times
I know just what you must be going through.
When I was seventeen it must have took ten years
To get old enough to drink a beer or two.

But here lately I’ve been thinking about the good old days
And I don’t mind telling you the honest truth
I just turned seventy-five, Thank God I'm still alive,
But I wonder where the days went since my youth. 1 comment

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