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Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
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Dragon Dining

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She had a friend.

Posted elsewhere too. One night I had the sudden urge to know what it would be like to be a dragon and crunch things. I challenged myself to write something purely with dialogue; I thought it would be more fun. :)

"Pass me a leg, will you dear?"

"Do you want the one with thick ankles or the one with the buzz cut?"

"Oh, buzz cut please. You know how I hate long hair. It gives me heartburn don't you know."

"Can I have it, Mom? I like long hair."

"Alright, but save the entrails for your brother, he still has his baby teeth."

"Aw, but Mom, the entrails are my favourite part!"

"Now now, none of that. He gets them. You get the hair. And play with your food more will you? There's a good hatchling."

"I'm not a hatchling, he's a hatchling. In fact he's more like an insect larvae. A big, fat-"

"That's enough. He gets it, end of discussion. Now where was I? Oh yes, buzz cut. Oh no, don't do that, dear."

"But it's making the most god-awful noise, mate. Quite annoying if you ask me."

"Well I like it. Lets me know my food is really fresh. And I love the sound it makes when I take the first bite, especially when it rings throughout the cave. I swear it even reaches the ceiling in here!"

"True, you do; I've never met a female who enjoys her food more. It's one of the things that attracted me to you in the first place come to think of it."

"It is?"


"Oh. Well then. For my part, I loved the way you always peeled the skin off them first. And the way you rotated them while blowing a stream of fire? Sheer perfection."

"There's a trick to it you know. Not everyone can roast them without turning them instantly to charcoal."

"Oh I know! You are very talented."

"I'm glad you think so."

"I do. I really do."

"You know, suddenly I feel the need for a good romp amongst the bones."

"Yes. Yes. The last pile may be dried out enough to snap by now. We really should go and see."

"Aw, Mo-om. I don't wanna share junior's cave again tonight."

"Oh hush. It's big enough for four of you, let alone two."

"Yeah but he chews in his sleep."

"His baby teeth have to come out somehow."

"But in my tail? Mom? Mom? Oh yuk. Fine. More for me. Hey, stay away from my scales, maggot. And gimme those entrails."

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