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For all am worth, you can't be a little suprised to find a girl in white in the middle of the road at night. It freaks you out. one moment there is no body, the next there is a person right infront of you! Scary.

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Toney Eugene Toney Eugene
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Hell Hath No Fury: Chapter 1 - The Forewarning

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This writing contains explicit content and is only for adults. You have been warned.

*The prologue for this book was posted on this site about a month ago*

Freezing cold.
She rubbed her palms vigorously together and blew into them, hoping to generate some heat. Her car’s heater was broken and she was cursing her best friend, Cheyenne, underneath her breath. Cheyenne promised that she would be out of the house in less than three minutes. Dana then cursed herself, she should’ve known better than to trust Cheyenne to keep time. Virginia’s winter air sunk deeper into Dana’s skin, penetrating her bones. Dana wrapped her jacket tighter around her skinny frame and sent up a silent prayer to the heavens that Cheyenne would hurry up.  Her prayers must’ve been heard because within seconds she saw the front door of Cheyenne’s house opening. Finally! She thought to herself.
       Cheyenne did an awkward half run to the car with an exaggerated apologetic look on her face. Dana laughed at how funny her friend looked. “I’m sooo sorry about that D.” Cheyenne apologized as she placed her brunette hair in a pony tail. “I swear I was seconds out the door, then my dad stopped me, and told me that mom was on the phone and that she wanted to talk to me.” Cheyenne’s mother was away on a business trip and she called in every so often just to check up on her family. “Will you ever forgive me?” Cheyenne displayed an over exaggerated pout and stared deeply into Dana’s blue eyes.
       Dana couldn’t help but laugh, “Promise you won’t do that face again and all will be forgiven.”
       “Yay!” Cheyenne flashed Dana a big smile, “My gosh, it’s freezing in here.” Cheyenne became serious as she fumbled with the car’s heater.
       “Chey, you know it’s broken.” Dana shook her head at Cheyenne, a low breeze caught a portion of her stray blonde hair and it blew calmly in the wind. Dana pulled out of the snowy driveway, pushed the buttons that would automatically roll up the car’s windows and merged into the main road. It was only 8:31 p.m. but the roads of Roseburn, Virginia were almost empty. Maybe everyone’s trying to avoid the icy roads. Dana thought to herself.
“So what do you think of Nick Harper?” Cheyenne asked Dana while she examined and reexamined her freshly painted nails.
       “Who?” Dana asked, keeping her eyes on the road. She knew exactly who Nick Harper was. She knew him ever since the 7th grade. She had the biggest crush on him, as a matter of fact she never stopped crushing on him. But she was too shy and fearful of rejection and humiliation to express her feelings to Nick. She told herself that on graduation day – which took place 2 years ago in June – that she would throw caution to the wind and tell Nick how she felt but she never did. He left for New York University a couple months later. Now he was back for the Christmas break and she wanted nothing more but to show Nick that she was now a young, beautiful, confident woman who attended Roseburn University (Sure it wasn’t a big of a name as NYU but who cares). Yet despite all this Dana never told Cheyenne how she felt about Nick, instead she always played it off like she barely noticed him.
       “Seriously?!” Cheyenne forgot about admiring her nails and was looking directly at Dana. “Nick Harper. Only like the hottest guy who graduated from Roseburn High.”
       Dana faked a shrug, “Oh him. Sorry, kinda forgot. Not really my cup of tea.”
       “I’m sure.” Cheyenne chuckled and diverted her attention back to her nails. “Anyways, he’ll be at the club tonight and Leah told me he’s kinda been asking about you.” Leah Young was Roseburn High’s gossip empress, after graduation she moved to L.A. to become an actress. She landed a few small local commercials but was determined that her big break was yet to come. She always visited her hometown of Roseburn, Virginia every chance she got. She was only 5’ 2” but had the hugest Napoleon Complex ever. She knew mostly anything you’d want to know about anybody in the small town of Roseburn, Virginia. Cheyenne and Dana often joked about her moonlighting as a private detective or something.
       Dana felt her heart skip a beat as she heard Cheyenne say that Nick had been asking about her. “Um…asking about me?” she tried to sound as blasé as possible. “Now why would he ask about me?”
       “Maybe cuz he thinks you’re cute.” Cheyenne was no longer fixated on her nails, instead she was looking out the passenger’s window, staring at the barren trees and snow.
       Dana tried her very best to hide her smile. The last thing she wanted was for Cheyenne to know that she secretly liked Nick Harper. Knowing Cheyenne, she would drag it on for weeks, maybe even months.
       Dana looked over at Cheyenne, who was now busy texting. By that stupid smile on her face, Dana assumed that she was texting Robert Johnson, a sophomore at Roseburn University, Cheyenne’s boyfriend. Robert Johnson was the star quarterback of Roseburn University’s football team. He and Cheyenne was a perfect match, after all she was head cheerleader. So it only seemed fitting. Dana had always been secretly jealous of how outgoing and comfortable Cheyenne had been in her own skin. She wished she was just like her best friend. She was shy, a complete introvert and it drove her crazy. She thought that a fresh start at college would help but it didn’t. No matter how hard she tried she just couldn’t break out of her shell.
       Dana had only took her eyes off the road for a few seconds, to look over at Cheyenne, and when her eyes were back on the road she noticed a girl in a white, flowing dress standing right in the middle of the road. A little surprised, Dana swiftly swerved to the right and slammed on the brakes.
Cheyenne jerked forward, her seatbelt protecting her from an impact, “What the hell was that D?!?” She asked, half scared and half upset.
“There was…there was a girl…in the road.” Dana breathed, trying to catch her breath.
       Cheyenne looked back but the road was empty, save for a dark colored truck heading in the opposite direction. “There’s nobody back there Dana. What did you see?” Cheyenne looked at her friend quizzically.
Dana whipped her head back and a look of puzzlement washed over her face. “There’s no way…she was right there.”
“Are you high or something?” Cheyenne asked, even though she knew that wasn’t the case.
       “I swear,” Dana began, “there was a girl standing right in the middle of the road, long dark hair, white dress.” Dana inhaled and continued, “She was there…I think.” Dana was now questioning herself. Was that girl really there? Had she simply imagined the whole thing? NO! she thought to herself, she was there. She had to be.
       Cheyenne looked at her friend worriedly, “Do you want me to drive the rest of the way? The club is only like 5 minutes away anyways.”
       “You don’t have your license.” Dana looked at her.
       “So. I got my permit.”
       “Expired permit, Cheyenne, expired.”
       “And? It doesn’t mean I can’t drive. At least I’m not the one seeing ghosts.” Cheyenne flashed Dana a playful smile.
       “Whatever. Like you said, the club is 5 minutes away, I’ll get us there in one piece.” 1 comment

       Dana and Cheyenne entered the small club – which was ironically and stupidly named ‘Magnificent’ – and immediately began scanning the room for their friends. The music was blaring, and the flashing lights were nearly blinding. They spotted a couple of familiar faces but none of them belonged to the people they were looking for. They stepped further in, pushing themselves through the throng of people that were congregated not too far from the entrance.
       Cheyenne held Dana’s arm, placed her lips near her ears, the music was so loud that she partially yelled, “I’m gonna see if I find them on the dance floor.”
       Dana nodded.
       She looked around nervously, hoping that Cheyenne would return soon with their friends. After about 2 minutes of standing up her feet were killing her. Stupid heels, she thought. She went and took a seat over at the bar, she sat there staring at the dance floor, uncomfortably waiting for Cheyenne to return while she nervously played with her fingers.
       She then felt a light tap on her shoulder, she turned around and saw the bartender smiling at her with a pink drink in his hand. “Compliments of the guy in the white shirt.” The bartender tilted his head at a caramel skinned male, who appeared to be no older than 23. His hair was low cut, his facial hair neatly trimmed. He smiled at Dana. Her heart skipped a beat.
       Nick! She thought to herself, she remembered that he looked good in high school but right now he was straight up sexy. She smiled and waved at him. She noticed he was getting up and heading towards her. Her heart stopped for a second.
       “Hey there.” Nick approached her, taking the empty black bar stool next to hers.
       “Hey.” She smiled, trying desperately to think of something to see and praying that she didn’t look like a complete fool with that huge smile on her face.
       “It’s really great to see you again.” He took a sip of his drink, which Dana assumed was Coke and Hennessey.
       “Thanks for the drink.” She said, holding up the drink he bought for her, then taking a small sip.
       “Well would you look at that.” Dana heard Cheyenne’s voice from behind.        
       She turned around to see Cheyenne and two of their friends – Leah Young and Amanda Cage – standing behind of them.
       “Hey ladies.” Nick greeted, as he got up and hugged each of them. “It’s been a long time.”

      “Yes it has.” Amanda said, as she pulled herself away from Nick’s embrace – Amanda met Nick last year, when she and Cheyenne went to New York for the summer. Dana couldn’t make it as she decided to stay in Roseburn to take summer classes. Cheyenne and Amanda had bumped into nick at The Gap and Cheyenne introduced the two – Amanda was a friend that Cheyenne and Dana made while attending Roseburn University. She was bi-racial – Half Spanish, half white – their friendship started off as them being just in a lab group. Amanda had a flawless tan complexion, her hair was curly and sandy brown. Light brown eyes, with Angelina Jolie lips.
       “Am I interrupting something?” Nick smiled as he turned his attention to Dana.
       “Not at all.” Cheyenne answered.
       “Actually,” Dana shot her a look, “we kinda had a ‘Girls’ Night Out’ thing planned.”
       “Sounds great. Well I guess I should probably just go back to my lonely corner at the far end of the bar.”
       “Don’t be silly.” Cheyenne grabbed his arm, “We’re gonna go out on the dance floor” She pointed towards Leah and Amanda, “And you two catch up.” She gently pushed Nick towards Dana and smiled.
       “Cheyenne can I talk to you for a moment?” Dana asked through a fake smile.
       She pulled Cheyenne to the side and kept her voice slightly above a whisper, she was about to say something when someone bumped into her. She turned around to see an obviously drunken girl who looked completely disoriented.
“Sorry.” The girl breathed and walked away.
       Dana turned back to Cheyenne, “What are you doing?”
       “Trying to hook you up.” She smoothed Dana’s hair.
       “But, I thought this was ‘Girls’ Night’.” She said, hoping that Cheyenne didn’t pick up on the fact that she was nervous.
       “Yeah it is but you have a shot at something.” Cheyenne held Dana out at shoulder length, “Trust me. Go for it. Talk to the guy, you might like him.” Without saying anything else Cheyenne and Dana returned to their group.
       “We’ve got it sorted out.” Cheyenne smiled at Nick. “We’re gonna go over there and try to dance…”
       “Try? Speak for yourself.” Amanda cut in.
       “Like I was saying,” Cheyenne smiled and cleared her throat, “We go dance. You two talk.”
       “Sounds good to me.” Nick flashed Dana a small smile.
       “Bye.” The girls said in unison to both Nick and Dana.
       Dana was standing there, smiling at Nick and nervously playing with her fingers. They were about to take their original seats at the bar but they had been occupied. All the barstools were occupied.
       “Wanna go outside to talk?” Nick asked Dana.
       She wordlessly nodded.
       “Good, kinda noisy and cramped in here anyway.”

       Nick held the door open for Dana, she stepped outside and was attacked by a freezing cold wind. She held herself and began rubbing her arms, a failed attempt at warming herself up.
       “I’d offer you my jacket but I don’t have one.” Nick smiled as he noticed how obviously cold Dana was.
       “It’s ok.” She looked up at him, “I have my own, it was just a surprising breeze is all.”
       They surveyed the place for somewhere to sit and talk. Not too far to the right of the club were some park benches.  “Over there.” Nick pointed to the wooden benches.
       They slowly walked over, the snow felt comfortably soft underneath their shoes.        
       Dana sat down first, and then Nick sat next to her, barely leaving any space between him and her. “It looks so dreary tonight.” Dana looked off into the distance of the haunting black night.
       “It’s winter.” Nick followed her stare. “What are you looking at?”
       “Nothing really.”
       They talked for a couple minutes about nothing in particular, just a bunch of trivial stuff. The air between them then fell into an awkward silence.        
       Nick held her hand, sighed heavily and looked her in the eye. “I kinda got a confession to make.” He said fidgeting with his fingers.
       Dana smiled at the familiar nervous tick.
       “I’m happy I saw you here tonight. Thing is I began liking you from the 10th grade. I was just too much of a punk to say anything.” He ended with a nervous chuckle.
       Dana screamed on the inside. Had she heard him right? This was great. She no longer felt uncomfortable and nervous. The guy she had a huge crush on for ages just confessed his feelings to her, she tried to stay calm. “Really?” she smiled. “Truth is I kinda liked you too.”
       Nick let out a sigh of relief, “So you’re saying that we probably could’ve been high school sweethearts?” He nervously laughed.
       “Probably.” She looked into his deep brown eyes. There was silence again, but not the awkward kind. It was that beautiful, magical silence that takes place right before two hearts realize that they have found each other. The alluring silence you hear right before you kiss the lips of the person you’ve been dreaming of.
       Nick interlaced his fingers with Dana’s, she moved her face closer to this, both eager to feel the other’s lips. Wanting to taste each other’s breath. After what felt like a brutal eternity, their lips met. Dana closed her eyes, it felt like electricity was gently surging through her body. She opened her eyes and was about to pull away from Nick’s embrace when she saw – not too far away – that someone was staring at her. It was that same girl that was standing in the middle of the road. Dana’s eyes widened and she jerked backwards, surprising Nick.
       “Whoa, what’s wrong Dana?” He asked surprised.
       “There’s a…” She cut off her words, for when she looked again the girl was gone. “Nothing.” She said embarrassed, “Just thought I saw someone is all.”
       “Maybe you’re just tired.” Nick had a concerned look on his face.
Had she imagined it? No way, she thought. Seeing that same girl twice in one night was no coincidence. What was going on? Dana had no idea what to say to calm herself down.
       “Let’s head back inside.” Nick tilted his head toward the club, “Maybe you should go home and get some rest.”
       “Sure.” She got up hand in hand with Nick and they made their way towards the club. Dana looked back hoping to catch a glimpse of that girl, she wasn’t there but instead she spotted something on the bench that she and Nick were sitting at only a few seconds ago. “Hold on for a sec.” She let go of Nick’s hands and slowly walked back to the bench. On it was a yellow, 3x5 index card with her name written in beautiful calligraphy, her heart sped up a few notches. She gingerly picked it up, flipped it over and a confused look draped over her face as she read what was written on the card.

Be careful with thy heart, Nothing is as it seems.

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