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Toney Eugene Toney Eugene
Recommendations: 10

The Nightmare Next Door

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soul mates

Piercing eyes stare down at me from her bedroom window
My apprehension grew as I felt I was being followed by her shadow
In the dead of the night I see her naked silhouette
Her hands and body engaged in a sultry duet
She pulled away the curtains, her eyes met mine
Her thoughts and my fantasies began to entwine
She called me over with a simple look in her eye
Against my will I’m guided by the moon in the night’s sky
I’m stepping over the threshold, into her house of doom
The eerie chill forced my courage to be entombed
As I stepped inside she greeted me with an evil smirk
With hungry eyes she devoured me, she was pleased with her work
Yet as the seconds went by I willingly gave in
I’m drowning my dirty soul in this deadly sin
It’s the sweetest death I’ve ever felt
Loving every bruise, caressing every welt
She causes the dreams to turn sour in my head
In the haunting midnight hours, she’s the monster crawling in my bed
Her insatiable appetite causes bits of me to vanish each day
But I refuse to let that feeling go away
She causes pleasurable pain, drags me to the brink of death
Her vicious kisses are slowly taking away my breath
With nails and teeth she scrapes my mortal coil once more
But I can’t help it, I’m in lust with the nightmare next door.

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