Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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"He had to take care of the little baby and its mother" is improper. The infant in question should not be referred to as an "it." Unless, "it" is not a human being but something else entirely, which is not the case here. I think this is a good moment to introduce the baby girl. A good place to show us (The Readers) the baby's name.

Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
Recommendations: 47

" - Dr. Roy instantly glittered up like a diamond as if in a bright light. - " This is a good little sentence that gives substance to a mere moment of emotion. With sentences like these so much is offered in just a few simple words. Good job!

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Tuhin Rahman Tuhin Rahman
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She had a friend.

Doctor Shihab is still unmarried. He lives with his sister and brother in law. His sister has got two daughters. Dr Shihab find little time to teach these two niece. But whenever he finds time he teaches them. He came of a rich family. His father was a business magnet so he sent his son to Uk to complete MBBS. Dr Shihab came back two years before and concentrates on private practice.
Today he is earlier to office. He went in the waiting room and saw a beautiful girl is waiting for him. "Can I help you?" he enquired her.
She nodded.
" Are you sick?"
She nodded again.
Shihab fingered his room to go in. The girl went inside. He took his chair and looked at her face, "what is your problem?"
"My name is Naz. " The girl said feebly. "I have been suffering from fever for three days and I even cant walk well."

Shihab put a hand on his forehead and startled. The fever is not less than hundred and four degree. "oh god!" he said, "how can you walk? Its much! You should have rest at home. Who brought you here?"
She nodded negatively. "I came alone. "
"you came alone!" Shihab shouted loudly, "how can you go back home?"
"I can. " Naz said nonchalantly.
Shihab prescribed quickly and gave it to her. He looked outside. There was no patient today except Naz. He turned to her. "where do you live?"
"I live at Agargaon." Very weakly said Naz.
"its far away from here!" Shihab said. "do you have a car?"
This time Naz smiled a bit. But she nodded negatively.
"How can you go back home? To ride a rickshaw is not safe." Shihab scowled.
"I will go back home walking." Naz said in the same manner.
"Oh no." Shihab said. "you must die if you try so. Ok, lets go with me." 1 comment

She was almost falling down while trying to get up. Shihab caught her by the hand. "you say you can walk back home. Can you walk back to the door now? Lets go with me."
She tried to refuge his help but as a doctor Shihab was very responsible. He saw no other way to put his patient safe. He took her to his car and put her on the front seat. He drove his car and reached Agargaon. It is a populated area. Shihab could not think Naz lived in such a place. It was a tin shed house. Naz lived in one room. Shihab took her to the room and lied her down. She was almost on the verge of collapsing down.

Shihab decided not to leave her. He knew if he left her alone she would certainly go into a coma. He went outside and bought the medicines and some foods. He found no food at her house. She had a rickety table and a chair, a bed. A corner book self and nothing. She was almost in a trance. Shihab brought a bucket full of water and started to pour onto her head and sponged her body. Time passed slowly. He found she had a little sense to respond. Shihab peeled an orange and squeezed some drops into her mouth. He also injected some medicines into her veins. He took long time to get her recovered.

In the morning he found her almost okay to walk after a whole nights sleep. Naz wondered seeing him sitting in the chair. Shihab was looking at her in red eyes. "Oh my god!" the words trembled out her mouth. "I cant remember anything of the night."
"I can. "Shihab said. "you called your mother many times. Where is she?"
"She was died when I was only seven. "
"And your father? Or brother and sister?"
"I did not see him ever. No brother or sister. "
"you live alone?"
"Yes. "
. . . . . . . . . .

Since then Shihab tried to know all about her. He felt a true compassion for her lonely life and gave consolation. Sometimes he went to her place and asked about her present condition. One year passed and Shihab got married. He completely forgot about Naz. After One more year his wife Tina gave birth a beautiful daughter. Shihab now was more busy than ever. He had to take care of the little baby and its mother. He also had to perform his own duty.
Shihabs father was sick. He had some problems in his heart. So Shihab took him to the hospital and kept under his own treatment. It was a huge pressure for him. Sometimes he felt so tired that he could not stay long time in the hospital. He could not practice private. He could not get up earlier in the morning due to late night sleeping. So he was everyday late to join. Boss rebuked him on many occasion.
One day he called Shihab to his office and warned him not to make late.
"I cant get up sir. "Shihab argued.
" You set alarm to your clock! You are speaking like a fool Shihab. It seems to me that I am talking to a child! Are you sure you are that much fool?"
"No sir. Actually I tried to join earlier like before but....."
"There is no but. "Boss cut in his, "you run or walk or drive or fly does not matter to me. From tomorrow you must join in due time or I will fire you."
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 comment

Shihab could not realize what was in his fate. From every angle he is hooked. Next morning he woke up early. It was November, felt so cold around six o clock, still he had to waddle crossing the kitchen and eat late nights stale food.It was still late. He jumped outside and ran towards the garage. When he drove along the road he watched his wrist watch and it five minutes late to join his office. He kicked the accelerator and the car jumped forward. The words of his boss came to his ear, "you run or walk or drive or fly does not matter to me. From tomorrow you must join in due time or I will fire you."
"Oh god I am still late!" he told himself,"none can save me today."
The car took a turn and Shihab could not control it. The car skidded aside when a truck hit it fiercely from front. The car crumbled after the collision and flew ten metres away on a playing ground.

The doctors and nurses were running to and fro like mad. Many people were waiting outside. Reporters gathered at the lobby.Friends and family members stepping outside the OT like limps. Doctor Roy, an experienced old doctor who was in charge of the operation theatre, came out and asked his wife. Tina came weeping.
"He requires blood in sufficient amount. His blood group is O and factor negative. What is your group?" He asked Shihabs wife.
"Mine is A positive." Tina dabbed her eyes.
"Ask if anybody here has got it."
Next half an hour they all searched and searched but no one had that blood group. No match of group or factor.It is a matter of life and death of a doctor so the search was so real and doctors attention was cordial about Shihab. Actually O negative was a rare group of blood and very few man has this kind. They asked SONDHANI a blood donor group but they came up with the same answer,'no we do not have.'
Doctor Roy came to his own room where other doctors from the operation theatre were waiting. "He was your friend doctors and....."
The doctors instantly broke into a noisy disagreement.
"Okay okay. He is, I do not like to say that he already has gone. It is a very simple term we know." Doctor Roy said. "The injury is very much serious and he needs blood and we are very much aware of that situation. If we do not find the blood Dr. Shihab will die. And we have failed."
Silence fell over them. Everyone was dumb. Words failed them.
Doctor Nijam entered into the room and came near doctor Roy. "A girl wants to meet with you sir."
"A girl?" Dr. Roy scowled, "who is she?"
"I don't know,sir."
"Tell her I am busy."
"She says it is very urgent, sir."
Dr. Roy nonchalantly followed Dr. Nijam to his room.
Dr. Roy entered to his room to find Naz standing in the middle of the room.
"Can I help you?"
"No sir," Naz replied very remorsefully, "I am thinking that I can help you."
Dr. Roy looked at her questioningly.
"I have heard Dr. Shihab had an accident and he is unconscious, sir?"
Dr. Roy sighed,"It is on the media. Why are you asking? Watch TV and you can get the update."
Naz still stood there.
"I am busy." Dr. Roy said in a husky manner.
"Sir." Naz said weakly,"I work in a garments factory sir. I live at Agargaon sir. If...."
"I told you I am very busy now." Dr. Roy seemed aggressive."I have no time to hear about you and your details, clear?"
"Sir." Naz said."I have heard that Doctor Shihab requires blood group O Negative. I watched it on TV. They are requesting for blood again and again. I hold that group sir. I want to donate blood for him."
Dr. Roy instantly glittered up like a diamond as if in a bright light. All the patch of black removed from his face."Really you want to donate?"
"Yes sir." Naz said strongly. 1 comment

Doctor Roy and Doctor Mizan went out of the room running.
Naz sat on the chair very weakly. Whole day she was almost unfed. Partially from lack of money, partially from the new job. She had entered into a new job yesterday. Her sick body could not cope with the responsibility. She became more weak. She had heard the news of Doctor Shihab and directly came to see Dr. Roy. This man gave her a new life. From childhood Naz was orphan. She just scarcely reminded her mother but she could not imagine her father. Whenever she saw a man like Doctor Roy he imagined her father would be like him. She did never get any sympathy from anyone in her life. She did not know what was friendship like, let alone love or affair. She thought it was a matter of the rich people. To her Dr. Shihab was a man from the heaven. He took her back home, kept vigil near her head whole night. bought medicines and fruits and foods for her. In the morning he gave her some amount of money- it is not a matter of simple man! After that he took her news many times.
If it were other man or girl they would forget about Dr Shihab's one-day-good-doing soon. But orphan Naz who had never received anyone's love or help could not forget it. She knew Dr. Shihab had an accident and no one can donate blood in his bad time for the scare resource of the blood group.So it is her duty as a human to help Dr. Shihab.She also knew Dr. Shihab was married by this time. If she wanted to donate blood for him or say that she knew Dr Shihab a question might rise-how. So she decided not to tell anyone about it. Naz did not know what type of a woman Tina was but she was aware of one point that Dr. Shihab's wife might not take it simply. So she tried not to discuss about her donate. It would be a silent donation. Blood for the humanity. A donation to keep a soul warm and lively. A charity to keep intact a family.
Naz called the room attendant and asked for something to eat.She was very hungry.The room attendant looked around for something to eat. But he could not find anything. So he came back to Naz, "sorry, I can't give you anything to eat." He went away.
A little later Dr. Roy came smiling,"everything is done.Let's go with me."
Naz weakly woke up and followed Dr. Roy. He took her to a room and lied her down on a long table. Naz looked at Dr. Roy, "Sir, I am very hungry."
"Sorry, now you can't eat anything." Said Dr. Roy,"you will find enough time to eat later."
Naz said nothing.
Dr. Roy put a cord around her arm and said,"you are really lucky ma (daughter) that you are holding this rare type of blood. You are the perfect one who came to help a doctor, a doctor who helps lots of sick people. Did you know Dr. Shihab?"
Naz nodded,"No baba(father)."
Dr. Roy looked at Naz curiously but said nothing. He fixed the first empty bag. Blood started to drip inside the bag from her body."It won't take long." Said Dr. Roy.
"Baba," Naz called Dr. Roy in the same rhythm. "Please don't tell anyone that I am donating.Even not Dr. Shihab."
"Okay," Said Dr. Roy. And he went away.
First bag filled up with blood and Dr. Nijam took the bag from her and took the needle away. Naz tried to wake up but she felt her head was reeling as if in a merry go round. She lied again. Since last week she had been suffering from fever but she did not go to any doctor because of money.
Dr. Nijam took the bag to the Operation theater where unconscious Dr. Shihab was laid and many doctors and stuffs surrounded him.The bad of blood was set on him.
"I think this bag is not sufficient." Said doctor Roy."We need to seek another donator."
"Another....." Dr. Nijam came out of the Operation theater and went to Naz.
Naz lied on the table. She felt sleepy from weakness and donating one bag full of blood. She should not have donated blood in this physical condition.
"I am very hungry." Said Naz, "Can you give me something to eat, sir?"
"I need another bag of blood." Dr. Nijam turned the subject into other. "First bag of blood is not sufficient."
Naz looked at Dr. Nijam blankly.Waited to see his face for compassion. But she saw no compassion in her face.He felt more for Dr. Shihab than her. Because he was his colleague.She knew it was very tough for her to donate another bag of blood but she agreed.
Dr. Nijam pushed the needle into her vein again and set another bag.
Naz looked at the ceiling blankly. Fifteen minutes passed since Dr. Nijam gone. I am less valuable girl in the world, she thought, and Dr. Shihab is more valuable than anyone. He serve the people like me. He deserves a safe life,not me. I am a unlucky girl who had loosen her parent so young and none showed little pity for her ever.I work in a garments factory. The society hates me. I do not deserve a living. She tried to open her eyes but could not. Whole body of hers was trembling like a fish just hooked on the bait. Hunger, weakness and tiredness gave her a trance like state. Naz was almost at the verge to collapse. She tried to move her hand but she could not. Tried to move her finger but failed. She saw Dr. Shihab entered into the room smiling. But said nothing. Naz looked at him opening her eyes for the last time then all became faded before her eyes.
One of her fist was opened and two coins rolled over on the table. This was the last coins the bus conductor returned her while she was coming on the bus.
Naz died. She died of lacking blood. But her consolation that she helped a man who once helped her to save her life. Naz did not forget him. She returned his help by sacrificing her life. Who says life ends in a death? Naz lives in a mans body after death. 1 comment


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