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Gary Smith Gary Smith
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Where are the Death Star plans?

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I saw a picture on Face Book in the Night of the Living Trekkies group and had to comment. The more writing I do the more ideas pop in my mind as I write. It's great and fun.

Darth Vader and two Stormtroopers, while in Disney Land scoping it out for the Emperor Palpatine. We get the untold inside story of how those Death Star plans ended up in Princess Leia's hands.

Scene: Vader is looking over a Disney Land  map while the Storm Troopers stand behind him at attention.(Do your best character voices in your head or try them out loud. Have fun.)

Darth Vader: Whew-shaaa, wwheeww-shhaaaa! Where thee HELL is Magic MOUNTAIN on this thing? I have been scouring this map forEV-er.

Storm Trooper #1: Ah sir, this is Disney Land. Magic Mountain is at Six Flags.

Darth Vader: Wait, what? Are you telling me that Disney Land sold the Magic Mountain ride? Is that what you're telling me?

Storm Trooper #1: Ah, um,no sir. Hey TK421 will you help me out here?

TK421: Not talking, not saying a WORD. I'm busy looking over this way. Wow a petting zoo.We should really try and get one of those on the Death Star.

Darth Vader: Yeah, fill out a paper for the suggestion box when we get back. Now, trooper you haven't answered my question.

Storm Trooper #1: Gulp! Well, ahh, I don't think that it been sold Lord Vader because it never was here.

Darth Vader: So I'm wrong about them selling the Magic Mountain ride?

Storm Trooper #1:Ah, no sir. You wrong, never. It's just that...

Darth Vader: Ah the heck with it. Who's hungry? Let's go eat! Sons-a-rancor's better have some good eats in this place. I'm scoping out the big D-Land for the Emperor's retreat. He is so very picky about what he eats, believe me.

TK421:(whispers to other trooper): Hey man, you'll learn to just keep quiet and let the dark lord figure it ALL out by himself. You'll live longer.

Storm Trooper #1: Yeah, I think you're right.

Tk421: Darn right. This is a great gig, don't blow it for yourself by talking too much.

Storm Trooper #1: Okay, okay I got nervous.

TK421: Spill it, nervous about what?

Storm Trooper #1:Can you keep a secret?

TK421: Sure, we're all alike under these masks right? Tell me brother what's bothering you?

Storm Trooper #1: Well, I've been trying to remember where I laid those Death Star plans when I visited that strip club on Dantooine.

TK421: Are you SERIOUS? That's the last place we were before we ended up chasing that princess and Lord here interrogating her on the space station. You're the one who lost them?

Storm Trooper #1: Shhh! Yes, I'm trying to retrace my steps so that I can put them back before they accuse me of working for the rebels.

TK421: AWWW, don't sweat it. You think you're the only one that hasn't lost something from the D.S.

Storm Trooper #1: Well I guess not but...I had them with me when I went into the private room but when I got ready to leave they were gone.

TK421: Don't worry, I've forgotten stuff like that before, it shouldn't be too much of a problem. The plans probably got thrown away with the rest of the garbage at that place. They wouldn't know what to do with papers like that anyways. C'mon they're just strippers, right? Relax, we'll print off more copies when we get back to station and that'll be it. It'll be okay, you'll see.

Storm Trooper #1: Man, you really know how to calm a guy. Thanks.

TK421: Anytime. Oh quiet here comes L.V.

Darth Vader: Well I ordered to go. We must get back to the station. If you two helmet heads are done, it's time to head back. Prepare my ship for departure.

Storm Troopers: Yes sir!

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