Gary Smith Gary Smith
Recommendations: 5

I like the realization that you have come to in the present. It makes all that has gone before less subtle, confusing and controlling.

Gary Smith Gary Smith
Recommendations: 5

Forgiveness and communication about the past.

Gary Smith Gary Smith
Recommendations: 5

I understand painful, regretful tears. I have come a long way but still more to go.

Don Yarber Don Yarber
Recommendations: 42

just to watch the world pass me by. (leave out 'to' before pass.)

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Kaitlyne Beaudin Kaitlyne Beaudin
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Now and then.

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She had a friend.
Silent words.
My best friend.

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soul mates

Looking at far how I have come, and not to give up.

Now, here I stand, and see the true light of
things. Then, I used to swallow up the lies
you would give me. 1 comment

Then, I had a little voice inside my head, and
a gut feeling that no one seemed to believe. Now,
we take the time to mend the wounds that never
should have been made. 1 comment

Now, the fear is more fresh, but
awareness is lit anew. Then, the broken
promises I should have questioned.

Then, the tears I cried were painful,
and unnoticed. Now, the realization of
how far I have truly come. 1 comment

Now, the "mask" that used to be my
best friend is slowly losing its
grip on me.  Then, I sat in the shadow,
just watch the world to pass me by. 1 comment

Now, I'm standing to fight for my heart, and
not searching to know what was. Now I'm
living for what I can do to make this better.
Then, all I had to do was stand up
for what was right.

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