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Looks like you're having a good time here. I'll leave you to it.

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Gary Smith Gary Smith
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The Legion Of Doom Photo Fiasco!

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I wrote this after I saw a picture of  ‘The Legion of Doom’ painted by Alex Ross. He had posed about 20 villains in one wide screened shot. It’s beautiful. I started to think about what would happen if the photographer got nervous and it took awhile to get the shot. How would all those dastardly criminals behave having to stand there for 15-20 minutes waiting for their group picture for a wall in their Hall of Doom? Well, when you read this you’ll know. Have fun.

"Grundy did you crap yourself again?" Asks Sinestro.
"Ahh, leave Grundy alone! Oh and Toyman, if you play with my ivy again I'll give you wood poisoning!" Exclaims Poison Ivy.
"Hawhaa-ha! She told you, Wood-dy! Ha-ha! "She ain't lyin' man. She gave me a case of soreness everywhere for just brushing up against her in the hall at The Hall of Doom." Explained Parasite.

"Ah Yeah, well at least Grundy smells better than Grodd. Stinking ape. Phew! Says Luthor.
"Shut up ya filthy human, and its gorilla NOT ape, Got it? Grunts Grodd.
"Watched the Planet of the Apes again didn't cha, Grodd." Smiles Captain Cold.

"Hurry up and snap the picture Giganta, since you're the only one that can reach the camera AND be in the picture at the same time!" Complains Black Manta. "I smell Grodd and Grundy  through this helmet!"
“If you don’t watch that smart alek mouth of yours I’ll snap something you won't like.” Threatens Giganta.

“OHHHHH-hoooo-OOOOOOOOO-OwwwwWWWaahhhaahahaha!” Laughs and hisses everyone but Black Manta.

“Hush all of you! You know you love me, Giganta, last night in fact.” Calls out Black Manta.
“EEwwwweeeeewww-hhahahahaaaaaaeeeee-awwww Woooohhh-wwhhahaheee-heeaahah!” Hoots everyone again, including Black Manta and Giganta.
“Yeah, you’re right, big man.” Winks Giganta.

“All right already, we're the Legion of Doom, for crying out loud!" "Where's the hi tech automatic photography equipment I bought with my tax return last year for this kind of thing?" States Brainiac.
"You're the smart one you tell us.” Mocks Riddler.
“What?” I oughta stick you both with my scalpel! Thieving, humans!” Yells Brainiac. 1 comment

“Yeah, do Joker first. ANY-way, I think the Joker pawned it for some joy buzzers and other “Clown Prince of Crime” crap right after you locked it away.”  Tattles Luthor.
“Ah, you helped me you son of a peach! You used your half of the money for some “Take Down Superman” failure! Hhahaeeehehe! So don’t act like you’re all innocent!” Says Joker.

"Yadda-yadda-yadda, I smell dead CHEE-tahhh's, yes take the picture." Sniffs Sivana.
"Me hate smell of dead cheetah's!" States Bizarro.
"Hate meaning ya like the smell Bizzy? Asks Clay face. "Yes, he's saying he LOVES the smell huh Biz old' boy? Questions Black Adam.
OH NO! Yells Bizarro. "Me hate the smell of dead cheetah's, big apes and dead person's poop."
"Grundy NOT POOP!" Shouts Grundy.
“Well someone did or Ms. Poison Ivy has changed her fertilizer again.” States Captain Cold.
“Okay, it’s me. I pooped my fur again. Hey I’m an ape what do you expect? I eat poop too so there!” Proclaims Grodd.
“I thought you were a gor-ril-la.” Mocks Luthor.
“I’m about to be a monkey on yo’ back if. you. don’t. shut. it! Yells Grodd.

“Grundy don’t want Grodd to eat my poop! Cries grundy.
"Relax dead guy! "Hey, my Kryptonite heart can't take much more of this chatter, would you take the darn picture, PLA-Ease!" Begs Metallo.
“Almost there.” Says Giganta.
"Cheetah’s gotta nice bunka dunk for a crazy girl, we likes 'em crazy huh, Joker?" Sivana says slyly.
"If Harley's around, Heck NO! If she's not around, I'm not letting go of this tail in my hand! HeeHaawahheee!" says Joker. "You two are the crazy ones!"  Says Cheetah.

"I'm about to throw up in my mask if y'all don't shut up! Take the picture Giganta! I gotta go scare me up some cat of my own!" Yells Scarecrow.
All right, say DOOOMMM! “...” No one responds.
SAY IT!" Screams Giganta.
"Doooomm." Everyone half-heartedly says as Giganta finally snaps the picture.  

"Ahhh, Grundy pooped." Exclaims Grundy. "I knew it!" Cries Sinestro.
“I pooped too!” Laughs Grodd.  
"AWWWWWWW!" Yells everyone in disgust as they scramble for the exit.

The End.

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