Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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This is such a brilliantly striking moment.

Warren Gates Warren Gates
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I like this thought- tospill The Painter's Paint on your face in the hope of seeing color again

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Richard Z. kruspe Richard Z. kruspe
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Then & Now

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soul mates

Title: Then & Now

I love to write
I use to write
Now I speak

I love to read
I use to read
Now I feel

I love to run
I use to run
Now I walk

I love to see
I use to see

Now I have my helper write what I say
Now I read with my fingers
Now I walk with a Walking Stick

Now I am Dark
And I don’t know Colors 2 comments

I curl up into a ball
And cry myself to sleep when I get frustrated
I don’t care what clothes I wear
I don’t care if I comb my hair
I don’t care if I am in shape
I don’t care what anyone says…

Cause’ I can’t see myself in this god forsaken Mirror…
I can’t see what the hell I look like in this Wishing Well
I use to come here when I was young and throw coins
And make wishes

Now I throw rocks and drop tears into this Well.

Why can’t I see what’s in front of me!!!?

I hate this…

Wish I could run and scream but every time I do
I trip on myself and end up cut and scrapped

Is it to much to ask for Light?
Is it to much to ask for Colors?

I want to take the Painters paint
And spill it all over my face and hope to see the Colors. 4 comments

To see once again!...

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