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Richard Z. kruspe Richard Z. kruspe
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My Days-Frustration

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Title: My Days-Frustration

I walk the city slowly with my walking stick
Imagining where there were trees and benches
And then I smell that soothing warm aroma
That gives me goose bumps

The coffee shop where I use to come with my
Awe I miss her
She left as my sight left me never to return

I come to the coffee shop with my helper
But sometimes it’s just me, and my hearing ability
Guides me
I feel so angry that I can’t know what others think…
I walk in…
I don’t know how many people are in there
Or who makes my coffee

I take my coffee and listen to everyone’s conversations
And it blows up in my head like if they tuned up the
Volume and I lose my mind!
I can’t stand it!

I always end up walking out…
I get angry at how this has changed my life so much!
When I use to see, the noises weren’t too loud
And I could do many things I enjoyed
I miss it.

When I get home it feels so sad…
Knowing that it could be Day or it could be Night
And I will never get to sit outside and enjoy the sunset
I have stopped saying prayers many years ago
I don’t plan on starting anytime soon

I still stumble with things around the house
I feel clumsy at times but who cares anyways
It’s not like I have to keep everything around here
Perfect, for who?
No one comes to visit…only person that comes is my
Friend; my helper…
I feel like such a bother…

When I finally go to my room
I lie down and start to cry…
It takes me hours till I finally fall asleep
With tears in my eyes
Stupid dumb eyes!
I sleep and in my dreams I can see!
For my imagination roams to where I can’t
And I see images of memories
Of my love…
At my life…and how it used to be

But it never lasts…I wake up and all the images fade…
And this darkness continues
I hate it with all my strength!

Each day when I wake up
I stumble to the floor
It’s so annoying, but I have gotten used to falling

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