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shoulld showing be shower?

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Saying 'small' or 'a dab' instead of 'minute' would make it flow nicer and still mean the same thing. Very good otherwise. Smooth and detailed. Nice.

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the black hole he HAS spoken of. Since Mr. Hawking is still living, let's keep it in present tense.

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Ann Shannon Ann Shannon
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My Shower is a Time Portal

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Have you ever stepped into your shower thinking you will take a 5 minute wash, only to exit 20 minutes later not realizing how much time has passed by? 1 comment

I have to come to the realization that my shower is in all respects “a time portal”. Yes!  Time simply does not seem to exist in my shower.  To help you understand how I came to this conclusion, I will tell you when I first realized this was taking place.  

One morning in the spring, I remember groggily entering my bathroom and went to turn the shower on.  Now my shower is set for warm water and it normally takes some time for it to heat up.  But on this particular morning I swear I had only turned my back to grab my wash cloth and upon entering the shower, was blasted with super hot water.  How could this be!  It was as if instead of a few mere seconds, I had stood outside my shower for approximately 3 minutes. You see, that is normally how long it takes my water to heat up.  

I immediately jumped out of the shower only to slip and fall flat on my butt on the cold tiled floor.  You can imagine my dismay and the language used on that particular morning.  I can also see how people can die in their bathroom as I swear my life definitely passed before my eyes that day.  With my pride dashed and the front of my body a bright pink I pushed myself up off the floor.  I decided that it would simply be best if I sponged myself down and with my dignity still intact get on with my morning.

I thought it best that the next morning I would be more careful and therefore, turning the water on, I stood with my hand in front of the faucet, letting the water run over my hand, waiting for the temperature of the water to rise.  YEP! 3 minutes later I was able to step into my shower and feel the heat cascading down my body.  

I was resolved this time to keep track of my time.  I had looked at my clock before entering the bathroom and it was 7:15 am.   I poured a minute amount of shampoo in to my hand and began lathering my hair vigorously, rinse and repeat. Taking the soap and passing it over the washcloth, I began gently washing my body.  Covering my whole body with the soapy residue to ensure I have every nook and cranny cleaned.  You see this should only take about 5 – 10 minutes.  Right!   1 comment

Well after completing my ritual and considering everything done, I find that once I had exited the bathroom it was now 7:45… HUH!  Is this plausible?  Is there something I am missing?  

I tried to remember exactly what I had done while in the shower.  Hmmm Okay! I was remembering a song I had in my head the other day and singing it while I showered.  But surely most songs take 5 minutes…  Where did the other 25 go to?  

I was looking at a smudge on the shower door and thinking of how I would have to scrub down the shower later in the week to get it all sparking clean.  Okay possibly another 4 minutes for this I thought. Now we are down to 20 minutes…. I do remember having to gather my loose hair out of the strainer and plopping it into the trash when I exited the shower.  Another 2 minutes.  Alright! We are getting somewhere. But I was still perplexed.  

How could taking what we all presume to be short showers, turn into a short story.  In my mind I was clearly onto something.  I am sure if I were to sit down with Stephen Hawking’s we would discover that this is in fact the black hole he had spoken of so often. 1 comment

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