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Dessy B. Dessy B.
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RED WOODS - chapter 2

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Chapter 2

     I woke up at home. In my bed. It was warm and soothing. I looked out the window and saw that it was still dark. Then I looked at the electronic clock on the nightstand. 4:17 am. Everyone was asleep. I got out of the bed and saw the clothes I had in the woods. I raised my shirt and pressed it to my face. It smells different. With a sharp but enticing smell. It was not mine. I still had headaches. I put clothes on the floor again. I left the room. I got in the kitchen because I was very hungry. In the fridge had a plate of food. It was obvious for me. I took it and stuck it in the microwave. I waited about 2 minutes. The bell rang. I took the plate and put it on the kitchen counter. There was lit only a small lamp that illuminated a part of the countertop and kitchen. I pulled a chair and sat down. I started to eat.
     I do not hear the footsteps. For this I almost choked when my brother came. He poured a glass of orange juice and sat down opposite me. I was angry at him. All this happened due to his fault.
-Are you okay, sis? You frighten us.
-Yeah right!
-What do you mean, Drea?
-What? Let’s see… You had to collect me from the parking lot.
     In my eyes there was something… Anger? I don’t know. But I knew he loved me. He felt guilty and I see it. Always hold nice when screw up something.
-Look… I’m sorry. They slowed me down.
-Of course. No doubt. You do not care for me especially. So everything is more urgent than me. I understand you.
     I was not hungry anymore. I throwing the remnants and washed the dish. I went to the stairs, but I stopped for a moment.
-What is it, baby?
-How I got back home?
-One boy led you. Well, he was more like a man. He was found you in unconscious.
     I climb the stairs and went into my room. Again I looked at my clothes. So is his smell there? Interesting… I really wanted to meet the man who saved me. Who was he? Why was there? How did he know where to get me back? I had many questions… One of which is why my brother lied to me, that he do not knowing who the man was? I mean… the boy. My brother had a squealer. Well, he does not know that I know about it.

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