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Gary Smith Gary Smith
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Joker's undies.

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She had a friend.

This was inspired by a picture of the infamous Joker from Batman comic books. He's standing in a window wearing woman's lingerie and Batman see's him through his Bat Binocular's.

Okay, let's just look in on the Joker to see... What the...! Aww, now I wish I WAS blind as a bat.

I did NOT need to see that! I'm going to kick. his. ass. for that. First he’s going to put on some pants AND a shirt. Ugh!

Alfred? Yes master Bruce. Have me a good stiff, ahh, strong drink ready for me when I get back; I'm calling it a night. Ah, yes sir. Give me an hour to get back to the cave though; I'm with a friend.

HHeee-haaaaw-heehehh-hhaaaaa! Quiet you idiot, he'll hear you. ALFRED!! What are you doing with the Joker? It's NOT what you're thinking sir. I'm getting my freak on here with Harley and Poison Ivy.

Catwoman's coming by in a bit and she’s asked for you. Maybe you'd like to have that strong drink over here?

Aw, what the hell, Alfred. Tell Selina I'll be there after I go to the 7-11. Yes SIR! We gon' party! Heee-haaaahewwww-Ha-heh!!!

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