Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
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Wow, the first two lines really hit me. I love this stanza! So powerful!

Larry Nabiong Larry Nabiong
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cover me up with your lies but the truth i see in your cheating eyes... so great a wisdom coming from someone who has been fooled, but still able to see the truth... i love this part...congrats

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Toney Eugene Toney Eugene
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Unfaithful Heart

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soul mates

Cover me up with your lies
Whisper me to sleep with your cheating eyes
Give my nightmares the illusion of a dream
Subtly force me to walk upstream
Use my weakness against me
Chip away at my remaining memory…

I cry but it doesn’t seem to stop the pain
Every teardrop feels like another storm of rain
I can’t keep myself from falling apart
Wish I never met your unfaithful heart
These tears are slowly drowning me
Please forgive me my naïvety
Images of the two of you, the most dreadful art
Wish I could stop the beating of your unfaithful heart. 1 comment

Demons in Angel’s clothing land on your bed
Perverse images you contort in your head
Tell them no other has your love while their lips you kiss
Drown my memory in your mind’s abyss
Every second brings you closer to your own perdition
While our love, it sinks into damnation…

Cover me up with your lies
But the truth I see in your cheating eyes
Though the demons have been ravished in your bed
I will not be left for dead
Don’t try to comfort me with your deceitful kiss
I am no longer drowning in your abyss
Tears are finally making me strong, no longer falling apart
I wish you well, you and your unfaithful heart. 1 comment

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