Daniel Bird Daniel Bird
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" - I'll never join you! You're such a jerk! - " This is just the start of a seriously hilarious scene. Good job creating a flow of dialogue that carries the scene.

Gary Smith Gary Smith
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Thank you. This needs a lot more work and editing but I'm glad you see the potential of this piece so far.

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Gary Smith Gary Smith
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Pumpkin Carving with the Skywalker's

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She had a friend.

I wrote this short story on Facebook in September. There was a picture of Star Wars action figures doing pumpkin carving. Darth Vader with Luke and Leia Skywalker. I try to work in movie bits where I can, using them in new and clever ways. Let me know what you think.

"You think I should use a knife, Leia...really?" says Vader, incredulously. "What? Don't underestimate the power of the force, young lady. Your sorry devotion to those ancient relics are no match for a good light saber at your side." Vader exclaims.
"Now your mimicking Han?" asks Leia.
"Well he was right, sort of." answers Vader. "I MUST use my light saber to do this, it's a man's tool. Search your feelings youngsters, you know this to be true." says Vader.
"All I KNOW to be true is that we have only three pumpkins left. Mine, Leia's and Uncle Ben's and he hasn't arrived yet to carve his." says Luke.

"Impressive Luke, most impressive. says Vader proudly. "You’ve controlled your fear but you aren't a Jedi yet."
“What ARE you TALKing about?” screams Luke.
"The pumpkin, my little storm trooper. I want you to join me in carving up Ben's pumpkin." says Vader.
"No, you can't, it's not right!" yells Luke.
"How will you stop me from taking Ben's pumpkin? Will your sister stop me, Luke? If you will not be persuaded to join me in carving Ben's pumpkin then maybe she WILL!" proclaims Vader.

"AAAUUUGGHH! She'll never join you! I'll never join you, you're such a jerk! I'm still mad at Uncle Ben for not telling us about you!" screams Luke.
"Aren't you a little short to be one of daddy's Storm Trooper's anyway, Luke?" mocks Leia.
"Look who's talking, the corn rolled headed Ewok!" yells Luke. "I wouldn't be caught at a convention in one of those useless outfits!“ "Besides like father here I'm a lover of black gear." continues Luke.
"That's my boy." says Darth.
"Y'know what, you're a scruffy looking nerf herder! If Han were here you'd be in trouble!" retorts Leia. 2 comments

"Hey, I thought that's what you called Han right before you kissed me in the med room? You're lame." mocks Luke.
"What's with this Han character and why'd you kiss your brother? On the lips or cheek, where?" questions the anxious father in Vader.
"Dad, relax, you two just don't know much about women. states Leia. Luke... I threw up in my mouth afterwards! That's why I left the room so fast."

"Luke is your brother young lady, what were you thinking?" questions Darth.
"Somehow I knew, somehow I've always known that he was my brother. I was just trying to piss off Han! I love him!" cries Leia.
"Yeah, it did taste a bit like Wookie!" laughs Luke.
"You stuck up, half-witted smart-ass!" cries Leia.

“Oh, again with the Han
put downs. You really laid one on me afterwards. You're still so lame with terrible comebacks!" says Luke.  “Stop this, both of you! I'm your father and I won't have you two arguing like this while we are having family time!" says a weary Vader.

"I'm sorry, Father." says Luke.
"Yes, me too." says Leia.
"Son and daughter this is our time." says Vader. "We were destined to carve these pumpkins together. Let's not have a lack of faith in what I say, disturb our time here. Trust me, join me and together we can make the best darn pumpkins this side of the galaxy!" proclaims the dark lord.

"Okay dad but I still think you need to use a knife." Leia says cautiously.
"Hummprhff! Okay, okay, I'll put the light saber away. Give me a knife." asks Vader to just get along.
"We love you dad!" shouts Luke and Leia.
"I love you kids too, 'til the day I die and beyond!" proclaims Vader.

Just then another figure enters the room, it's Ben Kenobi.
"Hey what'd I miss?" asks Ben as he walks into the carving room.
Laughter can be heard all the way to the detention center.

The End!

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