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Summer Breeze Summer Breeze
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A Little Cottage

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soul mates

The missing punctuation is deliberate for this one, so don't give me a hard time over it! :D

A little cottage by the sea
has always so appealed to me
something small but very dear
a place where we could spend our years

I'd plant a garden, wear a path ~
tons of colour, scent, birdbath ~
the breeze would sweep in every morn
and blow away all thoughts forlorn

Down the cliff to ocean sand
I'd sink my toes in, there I'd stand
and gaze upon infinity
while I wait for you to come to me

You'd ride in on the ocean surf
and haul the boat up on the turf
swing me high into your arms
then sample all my many charms

Lovely nights along the shore
days of swimming and much more
then off you'd go to fish again
and I'd resume my gardening

A blissful place for blissful love
were we so gifted from above
something small but very dear
a place where we could spend our years.

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