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Richard Z. kruspe Richard Z. kruspe
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The Ability to See...

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Title: The ability to see is the most important sense


If one cannot walk- he/she walks with crutches or a cane…or moves about in a wheelchair


If one cannot hear- he/she has to wear a hearing-aid
And people can sign language to communicate with them


If one cannot speak- he/she uses sign language to communicate to another or can write it out

All those abilities can be resolved by an alternative way; all are easier for they can still see and get around or have devices aid them…

But when one losses the ability to see…there is not much to do but to have courage to get through life…courage that is tested everyday. 1 comment

*Struggling to get around the house…tripping and falling each day
*Getting cut and bruised and spending hours trying to find simple things
*Eating food, food that might be poisoned, one can’t see what it’s eating
*Doubting if people will really help without taking advantage
*Having to risk life when walking with a walking stick
*Having to trust clerks with money that is being handed without them stealing
*Not having many friends for one becomes a bother having them do everything
*Not ever finding love for that person will be bound to take care of you instead of being a partner

Why am I such a bother?
I rely so much on my helper and I get so frustrated at how he is busy many times and only when he comes by can he write my writings on the website…
My voice is hidden behind this sadness, rage, and disappointment that I can’t change.

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